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  1. Hell yeah. Also Shawn James, Amigo the Devil, Shakey Graves, The Blue Stones, Colter Wall. Another vibe are things like Wildchild, Capital Cities, Loner Deer.

  2. Midwest here. Nothing as dramatisized but drinking and teenagers usually causes some ruckus

  3. I got a countertop panini maker. I would always switch between grilled cheese and melty peanut butter sandwhich. Then I combined the two. Its a gooey heaven

  4. I'll leave this question to those who had sex.

  5. I was looking at a 20 year old martin yesterday. 3k asking price killed my soul

  6. Every sunday my grandma would pick me and my siblings up to take us to church. Before church we would stop by my great grandmas house and she would always have fresh baked muffins for us. I miss those muffins. They hark back to a simpler time for me.

  7. After getting lost in it numerous times its hard to forget lol. Have fun exploring

  8. I maybe smoke sporadically maybe 10 days out of a year. But 420 is definitely one of them. Yours is a sweet sentiment.

  9. When you smoke regularrly a lot of people come in and out of your inner circle of weed. Its fun but can be sad

  10. Satan had a child who was the first left handed person and as such all left handed people are going to hell. /s

  11. That’s what they used to think right? Beat it out of them..I read it was common in 18-19 century, but my sisters daddy spanked her every time she used her left hand, and that was in the 70’s..

  12. Hell It Was still common in the 80s and 90s, only you had to worry about them playing devils and dragons and satainmon. There's a few decent recordings of religious people going off on all these things

  13. Shoes then socks then pants then underwear than hat then jacket then shirt. I look rediciulous

  14. One of my instruments. I have an undated thailand tribal instrument, a sung lisu. I imagine it came over here from vietnam A banjolele from 1931

  15. Ask him to do it as often as possible. I don't carry cash so infinite money hack?

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