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  1. Pumpkins. They gave me four colors. I got four good directions to plant them.

  2. Let Elise go. She is just, ugh. I hate monkeys so I know I'm biased but her whole design just feels like they were trying to make the ugliest combination of everything in one villager.

  3. I love animal crossing but not sure if it was a deer or something that was consistently in Roger's but it isn't heaven or a good thing and it was just the same thing that I found.

  4. I like minecraft but it is not a good idea for a bit more at the moment but if we do for the lovely animal we can best buy it from restaurants and to our house to eat a lot more and we went on to the taxes and the other appt of our estimators was the only thing I could think about 😉

  5. The winky face seemed like it must have been the end of that sentence to me. It kept having it on the suggestion board but I was going down the middle for word suggestions.

  6. I find it amusing that now we are given the propaganda that office culture is so great when it has been caricatured for years to highlight it's deep toxicity. Cliques, supremacism, prejudice, bullying, and so many more negative things have always been what we were shown about office culture before. I've never wanted an office job due to all these issues. Culture is so depressing.

  7. I don't know why you got down voted. I came here to ask what this was too.

  8. Now I have to look up what DMB is. It's just not something I know yet.

  9. It's trying really hard to be a thron but it isn't dangerous in the least. Although it looks like it got you pretty good.

  10. Only excuse I have for them is maybe a key carrier couldn't get there before their shift ended maybe? We have one member of management that has us lock everything according to SOP.

  11. Today I was heading to the baler to toss out my cardboard and compact my trash. I ended up staying a hour over because I had to get management to sign for two separate deliveries and teach a nice young man how to make a bale with me. I also had to have the ASM unlock the trash for me because it was locked and everyone else had just tossed stuff everywhere. Trash and cardboard. We made the bale, cleaned up and trash and I went home feeling pretty happy overall. That young fellow who helped me was so nice to work with.

  12. I'm not understanding what this thing is supposed to do. What is it for?

  13. Jack is my birthday twin, but he can't live on my island so big bummer to me.

  14. Oh! LEAST favorite. Monkeys. 100% monkeys. Apes are a close second. But Lions are so gross to look at to me! They don't look like lions!

  15. There is a benefit of mullien I haven't seen in these comments. It makes a Depp taproot that draws up nutrients to the surface and can help your mint get to nutrients too deep for their own roots. It is used in permaculture for that purpose.

  16. Would these be able to help break up rocky clay soil too?

  17. The only fish model that is bigger than 1x1 is the Great white shark I think.

  18. Arapaima is pretty big, so is the whale shark. I have those so far.

  19. He said 7am. We know when. It was overnight.

  20. I would pull on it and scream satanic noises into the pipe lol.

  21. Those are at least 25 feet long. There's no way anyone would hear you on the other end. They would just think they got caught on something and may start trying to reel it back.

  22. No, we'd be pushing the button making it spin like crazy trying to break the clog that it's stuck on.

  23. i zoomed in on him and muttered "oh yeah, that's a weevil alright" this post is good

  24. I did the same thing and showed my mom! She asked how destructive this one would be. I have no idea. Tiny destroyer?

  25. The only way to get to where he can bike across the pole is to practice. He's doing what it takes, even if he fails a lot in the process.

  26. I read them in the same voice but the one on the right had background water sound effects and echo.

  27. Mine is Fearow. It's not a "good" pokemon. It is my pokemon. It is angry like me, but also looks like a turkey crossed with a haron and I love both those things. It has broad, strong wings that look like it could really soar in flight and be a strong flier. I also believed as a child that it would evolve into zapdos if I could teach it Sky Attack and get it to level 100 (no one told me this, I thought it would happen myself). Although I was disappointed it never turned into zapdos, I will always love my sky attacker. I will always feel like it is my signature pokemon.

  28. I agree. Redd has no idea which of his art pieces are real or fake, he sells them all the same for the same price. Saharah knows what she's selling and makes you buy blind because you wouldn't buy that crap otherwise. I like her at the coop much more than when she's on my island.

  29. I was thinking she was getting a cute bon, but then no... I have no idea what awful idea that haircut is.

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