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  1. As someone who went from freedom to telus if you want to have good service don’t switch. I live in the gta and have the best service available from freedom and even here the service is not the best. Traveling even an hour out of the city? Forget about having service.

  2. They should be lucky the lakers are even offering them those picks and 2 unprotected first is Robbery. Turner and heild aren’t worth 2 unprotected first at all there a reason they have been in trade talks all these years and aren’t moved. yea

  3. Again, in a vacuum the trade makes sense. It's just weird to me that it was done prior to the Russ and Donovan trades, because those contracts could've been useful trade chips.

  4. They don’t want or need Tht, he is a ball dominant wing who can’t shoot. As long as Lebron is in LA they don’t have a use for him and even after he’s gone he’s not worth much the guy would be unknown in the league if not for playing on the lakers.

  5. It’s crazy to think that the Lebron era is nearing its end

  6. I don’t know why people have a problem with ads like this. It saves everyone time there’s no need for anyone outside of Indians or Pakistanis to contact if they won’t be accepted anyways. Vice versa the landlord doesn’t wanna go through all the people who don’t fit what he wants.

  7. The phone probably won’t be much better than the 13 pro which is already a great phone so they have to find ways to differentiate them.

  8. It may affect your credit score but if you don’t care you can just apply for as many as you can and see what your approved for. If you are approved for enough then you shouldn’t have any issues paying.

  9. Unfortunately this is how pay works after taxes, pension, benefits and possible employee share programs your take home is significantly less. For majority of jobs all these things are deducted from your pay only thing you can really do is see if you can opt out from your pension etc.

  10. Yes they have big abnormal bodies. Humans aren’t supposed to be 7’0 we’re meant to be around the 6’0-5’0 foot range.

  11. No where in all honesty. All the contending teams don’t want him and the bottom feeders just want to tank and lose games which russ will probably win you some if he’s your main guy.

  12. My current job at a bank was not a “sales job” instead they wanted us to focus on giving “advice” to customers.

  13. No that era was different with social media it’s hard to have things like that because people will find any way to tear it down.

  14. Was that the deal when you joined? That be you would drive him? If so, then he has the right to be annoyed.

  15. We never really had any deal in place but i was just picking him up before we went.

  16. She didn't have her tits out, she was wearing a tank top! I swear to God, yall make me embarrassed to be a man.

  17. From the post the way it sounded was that there was nipples out. Obviously don’t have an exact picture for reference but either or doesn’t really change it.

  18. Having visible nipples is not having your tits out. At all. She was fully clothed. And if someone isn't comfortable having their SO's nipples showing at their own home, with a member of their extended family, they should find an SO who is also not comfortable with that. The edit further reveals that OP's relationship isn't going well and he's jealous of the ex - the context matters here, it wasn't just a suggestion, he had a bra on hand, it was a passive aggressive expression of jealousy.

  19. At your own home when alone vs company isn't the same thing. Whether it makes him jealous or not is irrelevant he should be able to make suggestions in his relationship.

  20. I think the whole car market is changing fast and rivals etc matter less than previously.

  21. NTA I would want my friend to at least give me a heads up about someone past with drugs and sex work if I was interested in them.

  22. The 2020 all nba first team is really good and is a recent on. Luka, harden, bron, giannis, ad

  23. That’s similar to what I’m paying as a 21 year old male, new driver in the gta with a luxury car.

  24. Not even close Hakeem and harden and crushing them

  25. I seen him in the gym a lot this season I have a feeling he will be a lot better this year

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