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  1. Actually I figured out how to use other daws like studio one and bitwig in like 2 minutes but REAPER has fucking got me stuck.

  2. Check out REAPER Mania or the REAPER Blog on YouTube. There's plenty of tutorials available that you can check out if you're struggling.

  3. The game looks great so far! I've sent you an email :D

  4. Short answer:No it doesn't sound too basic. You're sounding good so far! I encourage you to keep writing music! There's always more to learn so I'd also encourage you to keep trying learn more about the craft of composition and to study the music you admire and enjoy.

  5. Idk, just dont know where to go and what to do. I find myself just playing the same thing and just cant think of anything else

  6. Set yourself a goal / goals. If you're not working towards anything you'll end up where you are right now, playing the same thing over and over. Setting a goal gives you focus and will help you figure out what thing you need to work on or practice.

  7. Can you give us an example of some bad and good sounding records for comparison? It'll help us understand exactly what you're referring to when you say a recording sounds "thin".

  8. Here's a studio performance of a track off of my latest EP. The EP is a jazz octet playing original music inspired by the soundtracks of film and video games. Hope you all enjoy!

  9. I did a 2 year online game programming course with AIE (academy of interactive entertainment), a not-for-profit game dev school, although they also offered the same course in person. I chose the online course because at the time they didn't have a physical campus in my city. The most valuable part of the course was the group work.

  10. If you wanna call yourself a jazz musician it's good to get in the habit of learning new tunes regularly. Learning tunes by ear is best (that's how all the greats did it). But if you're starting out using leads sheets is fine, but you'll want to transition to learning tunes by ear and listening to recordings as soon as you can. The more you do it the easier it'll get.

  11. one of the reasons I quit reaper was it hurt to look at the Top bar which was completely white, I couldn't even change it to black no matter how I tried, It would be appreciated if you told me how this worked

  12. Why not turn down the brightness of your monitor? I might be in the minority here, but I try and keep my brightness as low as I can. This makes dark themes too dark so I tend to stick with the default theme.

  13. Sing! In my experience the best way to make singable and memorable melodies is to improvise singing. If you find the melodies you come up with aren't to your liking work on both ear training and learning your scales and modes. This'll give you a greater palette of sounds to work with.

  14. I don't do this usually because you end up accumulating too much gear (also I don't think buying things is a great way to deal with your emotions), but if I had to choose it'd be splash & effects cymbals / auxiliary percussion. Most of them have a pretty small use case where they sound musical but they're heaps of fun!

  15. Adam Neely did a video exploring perfect pitch. It's a good watch.

  16. You can always measure it. Get an SPL meter and stick the end into one of the earphones and turn up the volume. Write down the reading and you're done. Obviously don't wear the headphones while you're doing this.

  17. I just did quick test with my own headphones. Full volume connected to my phone playing some Rage Against the Machine got up to 90dBA, and full volume (without clipping) through my headphone amp got around 80dBA. Your exact headphones and amp combinations will be contributing factors to the results you get.

  18. You could make those selections their own regions and just render those. Reaper does allow for overlapping regions.

  19. Thanks man! It took me exactly 6 days to finish all the 8 songs. Working on the songs for about 6 hours a day.

  20. Wow that's quite a quick turnaround. You've must've been working on them non-stop!

  21. Why not just use volume automation? The way you're going about it seems super tedious and would take forever.

  22. I finished the mix for the studio performance of a track from my EP. It features a jazz octet playing original music inspired by the soundtracks from film and video games.

  23. Awesome composition and performance! Just listening on my phone while the washing machine is going and kids are running around but it still sounded good.

  24. Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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