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  1. From a selfish perspective, sure, to heck those people who don’t want to drive hours to work. We’d all love to preserve our pastoral, idealized lifestyles

  2. Is that really the reason housing is so expensive? I thought it was because the boomers used it as an investment vehicle.

  3. Most of Marin County is still farms and ranches. In SF boomers won’t allow anything to be built

  4. Corporations pay taxes from their primary business address. If you’re based in NY, you pay your federal taxes from your NY address.

  5. Can you show me a source that says these corporations payed all federal tax obligations in NY?

  6. It’s their corporate domicile. It’s literally how taxes work. The study itself says it includes corporate taxes

  7. “It’s a bigger fool scam” is 100% spot on

  8. Second girl from the right is leaning in over the arm of the coach

  9. Remember when Democrats said Trump would blunder into WW III?

  10. Biden's weakness is blood in the water to people like Putin.

  11. It was Biden and Obama that sat by when Putin took Crimea

  12. Can only imagine the chaos that ensued at State while he was saying a “minor incursion” might be ok

  13. Forest fires are entirely natural. There is no firm rule as to when they are “bad” or “good”.

  14. The news at the time interviewed people in the town where the prison was located, and they were like “hey, it brought us jobs”.

  15. Are they including those messages with free food?

  16. An asteroid heading to earth is verifiable

  17. “In broad strokes they are saying [Huber’s] constitutional rights to be free of excessive force were violated because law enforcement worked in concert with Kyle Rittenhouse to intimidate and ultimately to kill peaceful protesters who were there to exercise their rights,” she said.

  18. “Peacefully… exercise tbeir rights”. GG drove forty minutes with a loaded Glock to “peacefully exercise his rights”

  19. Same difference. If you’re showing up to hurt people, don’t complain when it goes poorly.

  20. If 1% of what Cohen said were true they’d all be in prison

  21. The president was never intended to create laws.

  22. I can see that for OSHA. That’s regulatory overreach. Bidens own Chief of Staff admitted that it was end run around congress

  23. The president of the US certainly is a powerful office.

  24. All federal workers are part of the executive branch, not the legislative branch, and not the judicial branch

  25. People forget that “the government” doesn’t have any money of its own

  26. It is happening. The core of “diversity training” and “anti racism” is the idea that is comprised of oppressors and victims. You can tell who they are by their skin color

  27. That is not how percentages work. Go to fucking middle school before you comment.

  28. Overwhelming majority of Americans oppose those initiatives. It’s one of the few things Americans agree on

  29. Do those pills ask if those actions should be done at the state or federal level?

  30. They were never going to lift a finger until the Republicans got there first

  31. Please stop your nonsense virtue signalling. Where is the empirical proof he slept with a Chinese spy?

  32. You want empirical evidence he slept with a spy? Well, I’d provide a clip of him denying it, but he never did. Because the media never asked him

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