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  1. I have an ADHD diagnosis that was assessed as an adult. I am a high achiever and don’t fit the standard norm. The behaviors in the show that are similar to mine are jumping from hobby to hobby and having to be put in extreme constraints in order to hyper focus (ie. Procrastinating). What doesn’t fit the model is the self described abuse of Adderall and the effects of Adderall as it doesn’t align to my experiences (I know people can all have different experiences). For me medication doesn’t make me act crazy or stay up all night like other stimulants it just allows me to focus on tasks like a normal person without jumping around. So that seems odd to me on the show and makes me question if it is Adderall or something else. I also don’t use the diagnosis as an excuse or lie to cover up mistakes. Those traits are toxic.

  2. It’s getting floofier and more of a caricature of itself every season. How can she look great with some wigs then return to this mop?? Just get some damn extensions and call it a day. I think she knows someone who can give her a good deal.

  3. I wanted that, too, until I found out she was a Q-tip now.

  4. Nooooooooo 😩😩😩 why do so many people hate themselves?

  5. As someone who was on Lexapro, mixing it with alcohol doesn’t cause these extreme reactions in my opinion. It’s all acting.

  6. Andy really needs to ask a question at the reunion about this. Straight up, lots of viewers on lexapro wrote in…

  7. Maybe not invite someone struggling with drinking to a wine tasting??????

  8. Which is strange because she claims to be a clean freak. She wipes down the hotel rooms with sanitizer. Every surface of her home is covered with crap except for the dining room.

  9. Sooo true! Her house does not give off those vibes

  10. AND…. Drum Roll…… Free publicity for her crappy businesses. She believes she’s building an empire/lifestyle brand& will be Rich Hunny🙄. There’s no better free advertising/infomercial than promoting your shit on HWs. I can’t wait till she’s gone. Once she’s off the show, her silly businesses will tank. Her book will be called Chapter 11.🤣

  11. I read a blind that suggested because Bravo gets a cut of businesses started on the show (post bethenny) they are way less likely to get rid of her

  12. That was last season. This is now. She openly admitted she talks to him regularly.

  13. So weird, why the change in tone? Last season it was so inappropriate that she used it to create a beef woth garcelle

  14. Very true. I don’t remember If it was this sub or the Snark sub but today there was a compilation of like a minute and a half of her talking about losing weight from like 40 different events. Like “I’m down three pounds_________ I’m down twelve pounds _______ I’ll be happy when I lose five more pounds”. Just a zillion different interviews showcasing her obsession. I definitely think she’s on something too.

  15. Remember when she FREAKED OUT over cookies being out on the counter? She took that personally

  16. I’m ready for the downvotes. I can’t wait to see Lisa humbled a bit. Her entitlement factor is gross.

  17. “It’s good to show the kids that we are healthy adults” - Kim

  18. There needs to be a reunion style sit down so things can be properly hashed out

  19. I don’t even like Carole that much but pls let’s not offend her this deeply

  20. Erika- watching the footage back do you have any regrets about this season, can you answer this without being snarky?

  21. Why can I hear Bill’s voice when reading the submission The second set of comments sound like Laura doing damage control 🥴

  22. Something I’ve always loved about these shows is that it features women who lean into their personalities. I find it empowering and inspiring. The chastising of parts of Sutton’s personality is really taking it back to catty high school behavior. Who wants to be reminded of those triggers 😆

  23. Now I’m thinking maybe she was actually a madame and this is how she helped

  24. I mean, would a girl really want to get a splinter down there from his wooden teeth?

  25. Why not just be honest and say — im not looking for a monogamous relationship, I want an open relationship?

  26. So after all these years of giving Craig and Austen a hard time about their careers, what exactly does Shep do

  27. And told Crystal she couldn’t have a chicken tender. Ooof.

  28. And made an effing scene about it. That’s humiliating regardless of someone’s background

  29. I wonder this too. Also this whole time I thought she had a good relationship with food since she always does things like order regular soda and eats dessert unlike the other ladies. Now I know she was actually just taking laxatives and “pooping it out” after ugh.

  30. She always talks about how much food she eats and draws attention to it 🚩

  31. I would understand Kyle if she was just a bit more compassionate in the way she talked about her own experience and Crystals. She seemed to focus more on the 'I know because I have had one', when she could've said something more like 'I understand crystal. I have had my own stuggles, so i compeltely feel for her and i will be there for her'. Also the connotation she put on crystals post being a 'cry for help' didnt seem like it was coming from a good place.

  32. Since last season there has been a clear divide, they don’t even fake it anymore. When Sutton was trying to help with the eyelash situation Kyle turned to Diana in a way where the sentiment was shared when she asked “you’re loving this right now aren’t you”..I cannot see the situation being reversed. Kyle has clearly chosen sides (or rather they feel it’s the ff vs Sutton/crystal/garcelle and Diana has been recruited) In this case you can see how they treat Crystal differently now.

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