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Another reason to dislike Dr. Phil

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  1. But somehow people are like ‘BoTh siDes Are JuSt As Bad!!’

  2. What you're alluding to is not people saying Left/Right are both bad, they are saying "both parties in the US are right-wing" which is true.

  3. Both parties are not right wing. Democrats are inept, have terrible messaging, and are not as lock step and have more diverse views than the GOP. In general US (hell global) politics has moved to the right not because people want it but because the right is so uniform and lurching further right that is pulls everyone in that direction.

  4. It might be the air intake but that’s a terrible place for it.

  5. Looks like some very old custom computing or processing mainframe. Totally junk now.

  6. Agreed. Certain aspects of physics the math is pretty severe. But if you doing electromagnetics…there is enough hard core complex vector mathematics to last a lifetime.

  7. I really like learning why things work, and it's extremely satisfying when the math works out

  8. Look into engineering as well. You also figure out (to some extent) why things work, definitely math involved.

  9. If you have lots of bleeding, I got a ‘deep clean’ from the dentist. And then after that the bleeding was reduced A LOT and now is gone with regular flossing.

  10. Interesting - but doesn't look particularly sanitary. What I've been reading about food in China, specifically street food made like this, is really gross.

  11. I mean it’s only mild GI trauma. But seriously street food while sketchy..does taste the best.

  12. I think what comes across for me is not that the relationship between power and temperature is not, for downstream power, a simple one where an increase in temperature means a decrease in power. It does seem that around 10°C the power levels head up again but why this happens I don't know.

  13. I think with the way you have plotted things it’s a bit confusing.

  14. Where are the QANON republicans calling for this guys head?

  15. Its absolutely pathetic this needs not be happening at this stage. It highlights major issues with Boeing.

  16. Blue origin’s New Glenn is going to be a behemoth…

  17. Isn’t this what chilaquiles are?

  18. To be fair, Initial SpaceX dragon test flight had multiple heat pump go offline too. It fine as long as back up system function as intended.

  19. Agreed. But I’m sure Boeing went through all these reviews, tests, meetings to go over every single inch and they still had failures. Where space X approach is like ‘well did we do our best this time with what we know. Ok. Let’s launch it and make sure we understand what doesn’t work and how to fix it for next time’.

  20. SpaceX definitely aimed to make sure the human ISS launches were perfect too, let's not kid ourselves here

  21. Yea. But getting to that point they had a lot of failures. It’s a spiral design cycle.

  22. We kept ours alive for 4-5 years by replacing the battery inside each season. Eventually had to give up on them after the plastic covering the solar panels fogged over to the point no light was getting through.

  23. I got ones a while back from Costco and worked well for a number of years. The sun did bleach the plastic covers for the solar panels but they still kinda worked. Not going to bother at at my new house..they looked good for a year and then they kinda looked worn.

  24. Until you forget where you buried the cables and dig one up.

  25. I like how the good doctor says he refuses to publicize that and yet has this guy on his show anyway.

  26. It’s like that’s the first time he’s seen that? He probably subscribes to the YouTube channel.

  27. Apple called it ‘Airport’ and it was first introduced in a wide spread consumer laptop with its iBook.

  28. 100% support capital punishments for white collar crimes. Especially if they result in deaths. The GOP who are ‘ToUgH on CrImE’ will totally be against this since it’s all their cronies who would be in the hot seat.

  29. They’re tough on the crime that poor people commit. We all know this

  30. Put a $200 price tag on it and take the first lowball offer. People see the word free and think it's junk.

  31. Reddit to the rescue! Someone PMd me and said they wanted it. So it’s found a home. Literally my dad slept probably 4 weeks on it cumulatively. So it’s brand new.

  32. I’m in Seattle. Someone is going to come and pick it up, if that fall through I’ll let you know n

  33. Satanic temple should open up taxpayer funded schools! Let the floodgates open. Show them what freedom of religion is about!!!

  34. By the way his neck snapped back I’m pretty sure his vertebrae are fused together so more than likely he cannot turn his head.

  35. NTA. It’s your choice if you wanted to bring them into the world I’m sure the choice wasn’t easy and you made the right one for you and your family. Enjoy your new baby. Being a parent is hard and to a disabled kid is a whole other level.

  36. What would be interesting is not at birth but at first OB appt when find out she is pregnant. so both parents can be screened for genetic diseases (along with the fetus) to see if there are risks for anything major to see if more tests are required.

  37. This is why I would take the lane.

  38. That sub has 19 members. I’m pretty sure they spend more man hours defending their stupidity than most people give them the light of day.

  39. Just post the scene at the end of “Behind the Curve” where they accidentally prove the earth is round, and move on.

  40. That is such a good (but scary) documentary.

  41. NTA. Why are you still with her? Even 5 year olds are better behaved than her (no shade to kids). Btw, your supervisors are extremely patient. I don't know which universe your wife is living in.

  42. Yea. My wife can be hot headed at time but holy shit. This is more than out of line. She is being a child if she is yelling at you like that. She needs counseling and you need a divorce attorney. Make sure you document all this stuff because more than likely she is going to be petty about it. NTA.

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