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  1. I feel the exact same way. SPOILERS It wasn’t so much the gore, but what the outcome was. It was cruel to put an audience through it, seeing that the villains are comfortable to commit these acts and act like its a given (almost entitlement) for them to get away with it.

  2. Exactly this. I've seen others mention understandably that they found it a little underwhelming but for me, the terror lies in how recognizable those thugs are, at least for me.

  3. Yep, for me the gore was the least terrifying aspect.

  4. Who the hell asks their followers to sell them their house??? 🤯🤯

  5. Damn he really lost his looks…I think this rivals his I am God speech in Malice though..

  6. I love Malice, that I am god speech is so him 🙄

  7. I know the way he says Dennis with such disdain.. it's so him!!

  8. I just can’t with how adorable she is 😭😭😭

  9. How could anyone accuse this woman with fake breasts, fake lashes, fake eyebrows, fake lips, a fake accent, and a fake backstory of being anything less than 100% authentic?

  10. In my estimation I’ve spent like 5,000 on candles over the last year. Trust me, you’re fine hun x

  11. Hilarious gives me Maureen Ponderosa vibes 😐😐😐

  12. I’m binging SP for the third time, and I’m wondering the exact same thing! They would deliver an absolutely delicious and accurate representation of the butthole Baldwins for sure

  13. If they do, hope they do a song about Hilary called “shut your f-ing face grandpa f-er”

  14. I love how a neighbour or cousin came out a few years ago and said that she was obsessed with the soap Passions and Friends which is hilarious because she “grew up without a tv” 😂😂😂

  15. She did! Naturally, she would have read all seasons of Passions and Friends scripts online and became obsessed with them that way.

  16. I don’t know why but I love posts like this, I find it interesting 😆

  17. I want South Park to do an episode about the Spanish grift. Why are they refraining from such low hanging fruit?

  18. I would absolutely love that. Could you imagine? I’m giggling already 😂

  19. Haha I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t either. I just don’t get how he couldn’t though.

  20. I thought Ken Kerzinger did fine as Jason. I think the issue was more with Ronnie Yu's vision and direction.

  21. Agreed, his vision for the character wasn’t brilliant. He even admitted that he’d never seen a Friday or Nightmare movie before he got the job. I still love FVJ so much though.

  22. Lisa’s Vampire Grandpa from “Vampire bats and scardy cats”

  23. 100% gramps the vamp. Still get nightmares as a grown ass adult. That laugh 😶😶😶

  24. When they shine a flashlight on the vampire is what creeps me out

  25. Oh my god yes!!! And the fact that he creeps around through the ventilating ducts 😭😭😭

  26. I agree! Though that kid is adorable in general

  27. Dear men who are grown adults who can think for themselves now:

  28. Painting my nails and wearing makeup. 31 year old goth still going strong and my dad is more accepting of who I am. Black lipstick and black nails and everything 🦇

  29. Glad to hear you’re still being awesome goth you, and staying that way! The world needs more goths 🖤

  30. Kane Hodder is such a great person. He sounds really approachable like James Jude Courtney and Robert Englund.

  31. Gunnar Hansen, who passed away a few years ago unfortunately.

  32. It's so Eva can post mommy-daughter bikini photos later and lean into "It was my kid's idea, perverts and haters of mommy bodies." 😬

  33. Lol he’s a national hero. Brutal? Yes. Effective at repelling Ottoman invasions? Definitely.

  34. National hero yes! I feel like people not from Romania or nearby territories will never get that.

  35. The fact that Patsy was dying her hair blonde disturbs me so much. Poor child 😞

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