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  1. Why does he have to spray so much oil on that pan you don't need that much. A tiny pat of butter is usually enough to grease the pan. Also who the heck is eating 4 eggs for breakfast?

  2. Who says that's breakfast!? That would be a perfect one meal a day lunch!

  3. It's surprisingly easy to make, though maybe not this. You just jimmy a spatula under one and tilt it over.

  4. I can't ever get it to flip all the way, ends up looking like an omelet

  5. Do u have a site that confirms sales or do you just look to see if the seller relists

  6. Pretty sure card ladder verifies sales, but it's a paid site

  7. One time my husband was making oatmeal cookies but ran out of oats. I told him to substitute flour weight for weight and add another egg. He decided, without telling me, that oats were not a structural component of cookies, and were instead an additional flavoring ingredient, like chocolate chips or raisins. So he baked these cookies with only half the oats required with no substitution, and was SHOCKED when they melted flat all over the cookie sheet and burned.

  8. Because he’s clearly wrong. They open on Monday at 5am and don’t close until the end of the week on Friday at 9pm, it’s not 5am-9pm every week day.

  9. I guess you didn't see the comment where he was physically there Wednesday night and they were not open

  10. I’m seriously rofl-ing at all the comments man. Like, scan the comments for the blue OP and see what else they got for questions

  11. What they are saying about the time makes sense, but this isn't a sign you found a picture of on the internet haha.

  12. how did everyone know this is a reprint based off this pic alone? i'd have been screwed lol

  13. Maybe not if you saw it in person. There is no sparkle to the cracked ice, all of that is just printed on there

  14. Damn, what happens when you swap receiver sets or use your goal line back? Ekler sits out a play to rest - you guys run with Sony Michel the rest of the game? C'mon man

  15. Thank you! My first flight I went out of Charlotte because I’d had no experience with flying and could get a direct flight vs a layover in CAE, but now that I’m a little more familiar with airports I figure I would try flying out of CAE since it’s far more convenient and if I’m going to keep traveling I better get comfortable with having layovers

  16. It's gonna be funny I think because you will get to see the difference between one of the largest airports vs one of the smallest! Seriously, sleep an extra 30 minutes tomorrow

  17. I haven't used a DME in a decade because of exactly what you are asking about. DME charges insurance $900 for a mask, insurance "negotiates" that price down to $200, and since I haven't met my deductible, that's what I pay. Or I just go online and buy the mask for $150, and replace pieces of the mask as needed. I hate the insurance scam in America so much.

  18. Maybe there was abuse. Maybe her husband was secretly gay. Who knows? That would be for his wife to explain.

  19. I just love how the woman always gets the benefit of the doubt around here regardless of the situation

  20. Don’t just move your fingers in and out, pull upwards with your finger tips 🫠

  21. Trick I learned recently because my fingers got tired - to in and out but you should be putting pressure up top, just like what would happen if you did the "come here" motion. It doesn't have to be fast or hard either (but that may vary from person to person).

  22. That’s what I was saying in my comment. Also just to mention. I’m a women

  23. My wife has said she has no idea what I'm doing with my hand but she loves it. I just keep trying stuff until I see her reaction change and go from there!

  24. He passed concussion protocol. How is it a bad look for the nfl and the Dolphins?

  25. Because it isn't an exact science, you can have a brain injury and show few symptoms initially. There is no real yes/no test like an x-ray or MRI. It is nothing more than an opinion. Dude literally couldn't stand up after hitting the back of his head on the turf - there can't be any question something was wrong with his brain.

  26. Hello! I didn’t expect this post to get a lot of traction. But for some background, the business is a hotel in eastern Kentucky (USA). Theres not a lot of choices when it comes to finding a job. A lot of people will work just about anywhere, I will let my friend know your feedback. I thought this was illegal as well.

  27. The point is some people are saying "don't sign it!" as if the employee can actually sign away their rights, and I think it's important to note that they can't. The signed contract is unenforceable in court because it is illegal. I agree that companies do this specifically to make it seem like they can to the employee, and it takes the employee to actually report it to the proper agency or go to court over it, but it's an easy win.

  28. I've never seen one of those in person and had no idea they looked like that. Damn!

  29. So the problem is you check comparables for new ones. A used one of those seems to go for more around $40-50. You might be able to get $60-70 with free shipping.

  30. There is a used one in the picture sold for $80

  31. I wouldn’t even worry about Topps, make sure fanatics knows about this! Topps could probably care less! I saw the sign, that is GREAT!

  32. Thanks but what makes you say it’s American Football? The link you included specifically say it’s soccer.

  33. I didn't read the description, but never saw stadium club soccer before, collected as a kid during this time period. Looks like I'm probably wrong though as I searched again and found singles for sale. My bad.

  34. Thanks. You had me worried for a moment! I’d still be interested if anyone knows more about the box. It’s definitely quite un-British to have a complete set prepackaged in this way.

  35. Here is an old discussion with a tiny bit more info

  36. No, it doesn't work with offers.

  37. They are rolling it out with offers but it's taking forever

  38. Did anyone else have issues with the stream quality and audio? Both TVs I stream from a fire stick were just bad borderline unwatchable. My PC was fine though

  39. I was at work streaming on mobile. Last year I stopped trying to watch games because the video was so bad on NFL and CBS apps. Last night I had full HD the entire game, I was very impressed.

  40. My favorite are the people who's windows don't work and they have to open their car doors to order, then have this awkward vehicle placement so they are far enough away at the pick up window to open the door, but close enough to reach the food being handed to them.

  41. This is definitely not a reddit question. Need to contact one of the major auction houses and they could help you out with it.

  42. Everytime one is posted, I say it .. my favorite set ever and my favorite card from it. I own 2, neither as nice as this one. Congrats on the pick up!

  43. That's wrong on so many levels;

  44. Thank you for the reference on your first point, I'll read into it further. I have seen different information but don't know the cases off the top of my head...quite frankly I just got off work from a 12 hour shift and am too tired to look them up.

  45. When you are pulled over, you and all passengers are considered detained. Also I don't know who told you that, but evading is a thing.

  46. That isn't true, only the driver is detained, the passengers don't even have to present id in most states (talking about US). You can only detain someone when you have responsible suspicion they have committed, or are about to commit a crime. The driver has, it's the reason they got pulled over - but the passengers have not so they cannot be detained. The police can ask for id and try to see if something else is going on, but as a passenger, you don't have to provide it or answer any questions in most states.

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