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  1. I think what she accused you of is pretty important to this whole event and you didn't specify what it was. It would have to be something pretty serious and messed up for me to agree that your handling of it was good or that you reacted well.

  2. She accused me of saying something about her to her ex.

  3. Claims are paid to the party that paid for the shipment - usually the shipper. The claim amount will depend on the declared value stated by the shipper. Contact the shipper.

  4. Sounds like the shipper’s problem. You buy it from someone? That’s between them and UPS. Dispute it off of your credit card.

  5. You didn't get friendzoned Buddy, sounds like you got dumped.

  6. Buddy, after 2 weeks of silence. She sent me a text and asked to meet up. We had sex. Does that sound like the friendzone?

  7. I can’t believe you even drove her home after that lol

  8. The ride home was 1.5 hours. She was driving. I was smoking and enjoying the silence.

  9. She wants you as a rebound cuddle buddy, not actual dating but someone to support her if “The Man ““ she’s looking for ends up hurting her. You’re better than that, fuck the friendship. At least from the sounds of what you’re saying not even worth being your friend casually

  10. How are you crying about someone you just met online?

  11. Just talk to her...ask her for more details and how you can help if that is a possibility. Before you sit her down, bring her her favorite food/ice cream and really listen. If she doesn’t want to talk about it be fine with that but say you are always there to listen and you are open to changing anything if she’ll feel comfortable trying rush.

  12. She just told me, she cried like a baby yesterday after she left. I feel so bad...

  13. You don't ask them to be your gf. Let them ask you. If she is ready to be in a relationship, she will let you know. Don't force her.

  14. He is controlling and insecure as fuck and you should get the hell out.

  15. I'm actually happy this happened, now they are forced to fix their servers.

  16. You are a baby and no girl likes you. They were laughing at you because they could smell your insecurity.

  17. Have you taken a look at the RepRap project? There's also the open-source Marlin firmware that parses gcode and could probably be used.

  18. What custom part? A plc would be a terrible 3d printer controller.

  19. Why would a PLC be a terrible controller? There are cnc machines running on PLC and they are accurate as fuck.

  20. They are not interested. You take the hint and leave.

  21. You are attracted to her because rejection breeds obsession.

  22. I just need a gun, how much are they going for?

  23. She lost feelings and is trying to make you break up with her.

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