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  1. Jk Rowling. I said what I said

  2. You have clearly never had Chicago style pizza!!

  3. They actually wrote skills differently. I saw an interview once where the actor who played skills said he went off script all the time and added all the “dog”s

  4. Not proud of this one.. but Dahmer

  5. There was a nude sent out under a made up snapchat and everyone thought it was me

  6. Serious reply is to eat less and spend less.

  7. I guess what I’m meaning is all of the costly things like protein, gym memberships, even running shoes are hard for me to come by atm

  8. Wtf. I thought poverty was the weight loss?

  9. Torn between Nope, Barbarian and You Won’t Be Alone

  10. Just watched Barbarian. It was fantastic.

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