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  1. Shit, I feel like I should post mine to get honest opinions too.

  2. Is showder the consistency of grainy sand then turns into a foamy soap or is it just powder?

  3. I like how it says ASPCA approved and all I wanna do is kill that damn thing.

  4. They just changed it! You’ll notice the new bottle is dark blue. It will look completely different than the old bottle pictured above. Just cherishing the last I have of it🥲

  5. Thank you for linking the ingredients! I will try this next time!

  6. So I own a 2006 GT Mustang and I love the look of it in every way. It reminds me of a 1970 Boss. Beautiful car.

  7. Taai Taai without question! The smell is GORGEOUS and it brightens my mood! I also like that it’s not super thick or thin - just right!

  8. I was looking for a Swiss miss and found one for about the same… Nah it’s okay I don’t want it THAT much.

  9. I was freaked out for a few days after that episode. To be honest, I didn’t attempt to watch anymore, that was just too disturbing for me.

  10. From a social worker, do not let ANYONE make you feel guilty or shameful for being on SNAP benefits. These programs exist for folks experiencing financial hardship or very limited income due to disabilities.

  11. Semi-low APR of 17.99%… I’m sorry, WHAT? That’s insanity!!!

  12. Very cozy! Is the flower piece yours?! Beautiful piece regardless!

  13. My husband will sometimes say things like “I can’t wait until an asteroid takes out this planet” and I’m usually like “why do you have to be soo negative”.

  14. Were you already able to vote? The page isn't loading for me. (Sorry I can't answer any of your questions, just curious if it's an issue right now)

  15. How many times can one renew their promo pricing? I've been with cox internet for going on 3 years now and have renewed promo pricing every time, can I still get my promo pricing this April coming up?

  16. 40k, got it below msrp and added the warranty. Make sure you check everything on the vehicle you plan on buying extensively, dude. Go all out, basically inspect it like it's a used vehicle. Carefully look at everything paint, panels, tires, wheel's, interior ect. I even had my dealer put it on the rack to inspect underneath and removed the plastic covers to check. Put it on the rack or I walk, dude. It had two miles on the odometer, too. Signed and took delivery at 3 miles.

  17. Can you come with me to negotiate the car I want tomorrow? Sheesh.

  18. Why the hell are antiwork Redditors taking this passive-aggressive GM comment as reflective of OP's behaviour? The GM's comment sounds just like the gaslighty BS that narcissists say to guilt you into coming in or feel guilty about calling off when sick.

  19. I'm sorry but there is absolutely nothing "gaslighty" or narcissistic about the text posted here. The manager could of worded it better not to come off like an asshole but is basically letting OP know they see a pattern. Instead of getting scheduled for that day, tell them you can't work on that day. If you HAVE to because you need the money, then you already the writing is on the wall. I don't see this as mistreatment, more just frustration on both parties.

  20. Pfft, my 1920s art deco engagement ring is platinum and disagrees with your sales associate. It aged just fine and looks gorgeous!

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