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  1. Why say, "Im going to read this from my phine verbatim. Then go off every 4th or 5th word to explain her point further. It's irritating

  2. So you wouldn’t push an animal away in self defence if you were genuinely terrified of it?

  3. The dog was approaching her for a greeting. She didn't want it there. She kicked it aside quite hard. It was a big dog and ran off with its tail between its legs looking cowered and sad. That's it. She's a horrible person. The dog wasn't in her way. Didn't touch her. Just approached her wagging its tail. And she kicked it. There's your context.

  4. If polygamy were legal, they'd have legal protections and rights like you're discussing. I think that was part of it all along.

  5. Not to mention Kody having a “near death experience” when he did get Covid and Robyn having to go to the hospital.

  6. Solomon and Truely in the earlier seasons on the commentary together were sooo adorable !

  7. Logan is so uncomfortable while Maddie is talking. He is holding himself so stiffly, no smiles until she finishes. It was probably a really stressful time for him and one a teenager shouldn't have had to deal with. There were 4 adults in that house.

  8. I noticed that too. Poor guy. Beyond uncomfortable and who can blame him, she's directly discussing his very real trauma

  9. In the first few seasons I believed them and their pro-plyg message. But I think by now we have all had the wool removed from our eyes. This is a bad system, inherently misogynistic and abusive towards women. If it were legal, there could be legal protections in place for women, but as it is now it puts women at great risk. I think their religion is a cult, and polygamy is a terrible idea.

  10. Specific examples please. Genuinely asking! I just do not see it ANY MORE than the other 3 wives and I am truly mystified by the hate she gets.

  11. In this episode alone she excuses Kodys behavior. Says the issues are because the wives didn't do the work. Claims she does not want to be involved in their relationships when that's clearly an important part of plural marriage. Says Kody loved them even when there was stretch marks and weight gain. Says she wants to build on coyote pass but she refused to live in an apartment for a year to save money so that goal could actually happen. In past episodes, she said "no one should have to live in a trailer" right after Janelle bought a trailer she was happy about. She said she sat on a bench and looked out at Janelle trailer, even though she could have just knocked on the damn door if she wanted to visit. She says the other women handed Kody to her and didn't want to spend time with him, when that's a completely false narrative - the other wives were begging Kody for more time and equitable time. Christine went to therapy with Kody because of the imbalance of time and love, but Robyn spins that to be Christine's fault. Yes, the situation is the fault of Kody but her acceptance of it is Robyn's fault, and rewriting history to make it seem not Kodys fault has to be blamed on Robyn. She's awful. If you can't see it you're blind.

  12. Just MAYBE if Robyn blinks enough an actual tear may fall…💦..😂😂😂… also Kody’s hating that his cash cow left… sorry Janelle I didn’t mean that in a bad way..🥴

  13. Literally no one would have taken that as an insult about her weight until you said you didn't mean it that way.

  14. I think it has to be a fan made joke. There's no way she'd post all this shit, it doesn't fit her image that she tries so desperately to project.

  15. It’s been around for quite a while…years.

  16. I know, I saw that, it's just so hard to believe Robyn would put this out there. People have been hating her for years, this could be a long running joke? I mean the username looks like brows. All that stuff about free money. It just... It seems impossible to actually be her! I'm not saying it's definitely not, it just seems more likely that it's a troll than like she'd put out this tone deaf content with her picture on it.

  17. Ugh, we’re doing this shit again? It’s becoming very clear to me that most of the people bitching about this have never taken so much as a high school journalism class or worked in any field that requires interviewing. It’s also becoming clear that a lot of people haven’t fully re-emerged into the world post-COVID and have lost of important communication skills.

  18. I hear what you're saying, but she literally took a story that was at best questionable but likely very fake (reconciliation with Meri being thwarted by Christine), and reported it to Meri as if it were fact. Robyn said she thought she might have heard the end of the conversation, Suki told Meri "Robyn was there and heard it" - this is about more than a lack of hard-hitting questions. It's about her controlling the narrative in a way that was inaccurate and favored Kody.

  19. And then fucking fully owned up when she inserted so much as the word earned for Kody when recounting something to Janelle. It's not that she's not pushy enough, it's the inconsistency for me.

  20. Yeah that was CRAZY how much she reacted when she possibly spoke slightly out of turn regarding Kodys quote.

  21. He sees landlording as easy money. All you have to do is own the property, and have someone pay your mortgage for you plus some extra as profit. I can't say I blame him, I also like the idea of easy money. The difference is that I also work to earn money, and if I was renting property to someone I'd do so at a really reasonable rate. Whereas I think he'd try to charge an exorbitant amount because he'd need it to pay for his exorbitant lifestyle. And he doesn't care about exploiting people, clearly, because he's been exploitng his own children for over a decade now.

  22. I feel like these are sad and mean spirited polls. I know you're asking who is favorite, but by default we all see who is least favorite and it's probably hurtful.

  23. This type feels no shame. He feels any judgement is based in jealousy as he sees himself as an alpha.

  24. He is absolutely delusional if he thinks anyone would watch him dance and be jealous 🤣

  25. Don’t forget about when he jumped in that big puddle/pond at Coyote Pass, in his underwear, flexing his muscles. The secondhand embarrassment is too much!

  26. Oh yes, the day he encouraged all of his children to take a dip in a runoff pond filled with prairie dog plague feces. Who could forget that? Their microbiomes will never be the same

  27. I live in the liberal state of Washington. We have open carry gun laws here so not sure what kind of support you mean. I don't know any state where you aren't allowed to have guns. It all just sounds hypocritical and privileged to me.

  28. It's definitely hypocritical. Kody is extremely hypocritical. He wants to be able to sell guns and gun accessories, while having his right to live a unique lifestyle, while also restricting other people's rights to control their own bodies. He's a right wing gun nut, qanon conspiracy theorist, fiscal conservative, who just wants his neighbors to like him so he wants a liberal area. Little does he realize that liberals hate people like him, and probably most everyone that meets him hates him, even his "friends" don't seem to like him. Even his family doesn't like him anymore. He was never going to be liked or accepted by the people in his town.

  29. I swear that man can't get a single thing right. He can't use a correct phrase, can't parent older kids, can't manage his finances or emotions, can't keep a wife happy, can't go bald gracefully, can't dance, can't say hooray, can't officiate a wedding, can't think outside of himself, can't cook a steak, can't maintain friendships, can't work a normal job... I could literally do this all day and never get to the end.

  30. Because they knew it would fail and who wants to knowingly throw $400K out the window?

  31. And if Robyn knew you know Kody knew and was prepared to have the right reactions in front of the camera.

  32. That's a great point, you're absolutely right. Which also means Robyn probably outed Leon to their father!!

  33. Yeah but ask yourself why Leon came out to Robyn first. That is honestly Ok- and nobody has to do anything in whatever order. Leon may feel unsafe with Meri for all we know

  34. Leon was still angry with Meri over the catfish situation. Possibly Leon wanted a sounding board and Robyn was there. Or possibly Leon specifically wanted to hurt Meri. It's absolutely Leon's choice of who to tell and when, I'm just pointing out that it was hurtful to Meri and allowed Robyn to portray herself in a very positive light.

  35. But Christine and Janelle do have the ability to make money. They could start their own brand of merchandise with how popular they are now.

  36. I'd definitely buy cookware from Christine and clothing from Janelle, as long as it was actually designed/made by them, and not in any way related to MLM.

  37. That I don't agree with, being overweight most of my life. It's horrible to be fat when everyone you see is normal weight. Not that you should tear your kid apart, but be honest with them. Janelle probably wants to ensure her daughter doesn't have a weight problem like she did

  38. I've also been overweight for most of my life, and I'm beyond fucked up from my mothers unhealthy and disgusting attitude towards my body. I guess we just have different perspectives. I think I'd be a lot better off in my life if my mom had taught me how to have self love rather than how to yoyo diet. My mental health would be better if she hadn't contributed to my self hatred and self esteem issues that persist to this day, dozens of years later. I don't want Savanah to end up like me. Did Savanah even want to do this "detox" or did Janelle just helpfully give it to her? Like my mom did, when she put diet pills that I never asked for in my Christmas stocking... It's damaging. It was for me, anyway. I hope it isn't for Savanah. But the general concensus of health and mental health professionals is that teaching teens healthy eating habits and healthy body image contributes to a healthy lifespan. This isn't that.

  39. It was really disgusting how he was so concerned about her scar but not about her pain.

  40. Here is what she said to FOX10 when they moved to Flagstaff. This is a quote. “The dream is maybe one day getting my own shop," said Robyn. "Flagstaff is a great little place, and I love all of the shops around here so maybe, we'll see what the future holds."

  41. She won't want to actually work in the shop. But hire people to run it, or have her kids run it, while she buys crap to sell in it. So she can get her buying fix without running into so much debt. It's a bad idea, because she has awful taste and people hate her. Her shop would surely fail.

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