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  1. dude this idea and title is actually so perfect !! please pitch it somewhere somehow !!

  2. Boomers really are the worse generation, I read an article once about one of the generations that came before them calling them the “me-me-me” generation and to be honest interacting with my boomer relatives I can totally see where it’s coming from

  3. Thats why I always refer to them as booMErs

  4. Explain the Sioux Falls portion more. I think I have a pretty good idea.

  5. About 9 out of 10 times. The checking account they provide is for Metabank, in Sioux Falls.

  6. They’re the biggest voting block in history and old people have nothing to do but watch network news and vote. That’s exactly what makes them so dangerous in our gerrymandered-to-shit political system.

  7. I believe they recently got passed by millennial as the largest voting block.

  8. I'm the CISO for a medium sized international company. No degree.

  9. Hard disagree with your third point depending where you go to school. For my graduate studies it was a hard pick between UMUC and SANS, I went with SANS and these classes don't make paper tigers in the slightest. Nothing archaic in my studies yet, compare that to MBA/CISSP types and yea...

  10. Sounds like you went to school in the last 10 years or so. When I went to school before dropping out, we were using VAX mainframes still.

  11. That 90s show & High on Life.... huh? It kinda works.

  12. It's funnier if you make your own amended version and give them that, instead. Are they going to check every single line item on every single sheet an employee gives them?

  13. Just move the decimal to the right by 1 space

  14. If its got a relatively low amount of RAM, delete the page file.

  15. This would somewhat address the way gentrification forces low income people out of their homes who bought long ago and own but have their taxes raised because of gentrification ?

  16. Maybe but a large fire burning down the whole neighborhood because the missing tax revenue means the FD budget has been cut so much they can't respond will force them out pretty effectively too

  17. so they are willing to put their staff at risk , their customers at risk and potentially stretch the emergency services just to make a little extra money

  18. Do they make any money? How ma y people are going to brave the flood? 5% of normal levels? 10%?

  19. Move jobs. I've made over $100k for about 10 years (IT) but I went from $114k to almost $200k in tbe past 4 years by changing jobs twice.

  20. High on life. So long as I don't fall off something or end up in a Hyperbong, I'm fine.

  21. Password security is more often than not driven by misinformation. Many policies focus on things that make a password difficult for a person, without regard for difficulty to crack.

  22. Now someone needs to make a Sword Art Online game

  23. CISO, no degree but 30 years experience

  24. Money printing causes inflation. It's just that simple.

  25. True but it all goes back to the velocity of money. Tbe meager amount given to the people that was immediately spent and then flowed to the billionaire's accounts, I believe, had little impact on inflation now.

  26. The PPP rules stated that the money was to be used to pay rent and wages only. It couldn't be kept by the biz owner. I own a business, got a PPP grant, I know the rules. Read up on Milton Friedman if you want to learn about inflation and money printing.

  27. I understand what tbe rules were. I was just saying that a lot of the money was used fraudulently (example below). Many small businesses used it for its intended purpose BUT many others didn't.

  28. Assuming tbe same level of responsibility, bullshit to bear, etc. 20% to make it worth the move.

  29. Maybe I'm just petty and vindictive but, assuming, as that teacher, I couldn't get it "made right" any other way, I'd make sure that video showed up for the rest of the student's life at the worst (best) possible times....

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