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  1. There is only one way to address a zero-sum game proposition - do it to them before they they do it to you.

  2. Excommunication, then Execution.

  3. Of course Tommy thinks that he’s the superior judge of everything.

  4. Those who believe they own their “wants” will claim and really feel that they’ve been robbed of something they never had to begin with - but will find justice by getting their wants back by any means.

  5. MM: "It’s the Supreme Court’s Job to Issue Rulings Americans Don’t Want... unless it's what I don't want; then they're activist judges."

  6. TC desperately wants to somebody we talk about - let’s not talk about it.

  7. Make note to self: SO is now IO.

  8. Oligarchs serve the whim of their Overlord.

  9. What is the reasoning behind this restriction?

  10. The early church had a major problem with suicide, they painted this beautiful picture of the afterlife and, not inexplicably, their converts would end their rather hard lives for the promise of heaven.

  11. Idaho thinks that breeding children is just like potatoes - the more and the bigger the better.

  12. He’s already a loser but now he wants to be a sore loser.

  13. Fuck this. Even a “civil” war is called a war.

  14. Perhaps they can switch sides and become Ukrainian heroes.

  15. If you put the chicken’s head under one of it wings the darkness will put it to sleep.

  16. This sounds like a sour loser’s brag.

  17. There’s no such thing as a preemptive nuclear war - it’s only the ignition switch to mutual inhalation.

  18. Putin: I’m a wacko with 11 time zones, so don’t waste my the time.

  19. Lol it’s funny that you think they don’t control the government when lobbying is completely legal.

  20. Yeah, but that’s a level up multiplayer game.

  21. The Zero-Sum Generation will own its wants or they'll sue for it.

  22. I wonder how much money does it really take to hire this clown - probably not that much.

  23. These people (millions) may actually have some form of obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD that can make them believe some crazy shit; they're especially repulsed by germ-like "otherness" as these people apparently are.

  24. Young people need to motivate themselves and stop acting like they’re prized property with bargaining power just because they’re eligible voters waiting to be seduced.

  25. When you draw broad strokes for dumb folks everything looks the same.

  26. Religion is the politician’s bitch - always as and will always be - amen.

  27. To Putin people are like cattle on a ranch; when he takes over the territory he takes ownership of everything on it as well.

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