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Someone seriously reported me to HR for suspected drug use, saying I must do them in my truck while at work. So HR opened an investigation. This is literally powdered sugar from the fried Oreos my wife and I got at the festival fundraiser last night. I’m just fat…

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  1. ESPN loves F1 because there’s no overhead other than rights fees, they just broadcast the Sky Sports feed. They’re not sending cameras/satellite trucks/commentators to the tracks.

  2. They all use the same cameras, crew, and equipment. It’s just added overhead and not really as much of a logistical nightmare for the rights holder as you think. Like right now Fox and NBC have the same road crews and equipment for the most part

  3. How do you even go about finding something like this? Kudos to you.

  4. I do but I’d lose my source lol. Also knew about the Kurt/Ashley divorce 2 months ago

  5. Doesn’t matter when you lost your anchor sponsor and you don’t have $20mil to backfill, and when your driver in waiting seemingly has full funding.

  6. The '16 Brickyard was an all time classic compared to this snooze fest.

  7. 2016, or 2017? 17 was Kahne and the sun fiasco where they purposely waiting until Kahne passed the caution line on the backstretch to throw the caution so the race could be over.

  8. Just a reminder, these polls and complaining about the races on the internet mean absolutely nothing if you still watch them every weekend! NASCAR is a business and the only way you can affect their business is through the bottom line, which means TV ratings, track attendance, and merch sales.

  9. So the only way we can voice our displeasure is to stop watching the sport? That doesn’t make any sense.

  10. Fanatics in house merch is absolutely awful. Cheap, poor screen printing, lazy design. I don't love Indycars in house merch but it's far and away better than fanatics. But money talks and fanatics has more of it than just about anyone right now.

  11. IndyCar at least has triblend tshirts that don’t shrink

  12. DAMN they we’re going to commercial and I was like wait did the 5 just take off??? Haha

  13. Bottas consistently putting an Alfa/Sauber top 8 is the greatest story of the year. Every race he’s beating at least one Mercedes, both McLarens, and sometimes a Ferrari. Can’t ask for more from him.

  14. Uh...Lewis drove on a flat tire the majority of the first lap and is only 12ish seconds behind Russell. Lewis would probably be P2 today.

  15. Have hardly heard Russell complain about the car all year, and LH was a pit stop up on the field plus had clean air.

  16. Why not do this at pit entry and then drag race all the way down pit exit?

  17. Crews would be standing out in the open at pit entry with live cars out on the track

  18. Adam Alexander is terrible. 8 car crash and he announced it like it was a single car spin

  19. I’m not sure about Europe, but in NASCAR a lot of the drivers and teams receive water-filled cans to avoid having to drink energy drinks all day or when celebrating. They can obviously choose, but I know I’ve seen water filled (and even subtly labeled) NOS, Monster, and Red Bull used by teams.

  20. Chicago’s gritty surface would’ve been a nightmare, but it would have been interesting to see if the bottom and top lines would be more evenly matched without the progressive banking Kansas has

  21. A few things. Talked about his down time, his foundation, the first time I met him (2013 ARCA race at at Chicago, he was in a pissy mood after dominating and pit strategy ran him out of fuel with 20 laps left), what Harvick said to him on pit road after Martinsville 2 in 2018, and then how the Next Gen was following in traffic

  22. Didn’t get much time traffic during practice so he didn’t have much of an answer. He said he was worried that everyone would gravitate to the top and that the bottom wasn’t sustainable for long unless you’re throwing sliders. That was also correct during the race

  23. It’s hard to sign new business on cars anyways, but can’t imagine it’s particularly easy to sell anchor sponsors at SHR right now. That’s probably why we’re seeing vacation brokers sign one race deals at SHR

  24. Journalist for Sports Business Journal in the States. He’s probably one of the most well connected, and leading news droppers in American Motorsport

  25. Wabash originally was a trailer manufacturer, but recently purchased Supreme (truck body manufacturer) and up until this year they operated separately. They just went through a rebrand and absorbed Supreme into the Wabash brand. Penske Truck Leasing uses them for several of their truck and trailer orders.

  26. Low air pressure is more of the problem at superspeedways. Tucked up behind a car, you don’t have airflow.

  27. It’s a trap, said crush is acting as vessel for the concept of lust. It’s called a crush for a reason, you’ll get crushed.

  28. With it’s relatively new and now aging new surface, and progressive banking, it’s one of the best tracks on the schedule. That’s what set it apart from its former twin, Chicagoland. Surface and progressive banking

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