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  1. I’ve actually tried this by accident because of a candy dispenser, they taste like battery acid together. Don’t recommend

  2. Because of how this is worded, I’m actually going to go atheist in general. Mainly because religious people tend to focus more on being disrespectful to other religions, LGBQ+ and women than being disrespectful towards atheists (or being atheists if that makes sense)

  3. Depends on the person, and some people should never have kids

  4. Honestly as a kid I always prefer my father hitting me to the way he used to yell. It’s strange what leave more scars

  5. I love the addition of “household objects” like your going to pick up a granddaughter clock and swing it into your child like a fucking lumberjack 💀

  6. My father had a wooded fraternity paddle he used, it’s not uncommon

  7. How did you skip Cycling road and the route to the right of Fuschia? Don't you need one of them to actually get to Fuschia?

  8. There’s another route to Fuschia city along the right side of the map from Lavender town south

  9. It’s been mentioned but, Sky Burial. Have bird pick the bodies apart. This could leave skeletons if you need undead enemies but leaves out zombies.

  10. Not that I loved it but Stuntman was a cool concept for a game

  11. I’m not sure if it’s the switching from 2d to 3d or laziness, but the world design has been lacking in the new games. Besides the Wild Area in the new game, I don’t feel like I’m exploring anymore just proceeding along a simple path.

  12. You know you’re depressed when playing video games becomes a chore lmao

  13. Games as a service did that to me, quoting destiny was one of the best things I’ve done in a while

  14. Can somebody pull the cocaine usage between boomers, millennials and gen z. I got money on they’re projecting

  15. Pic 5 really makes him look like scooby doo

  16. Upset the song wasn’t “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie

  17. ok hear me out... six of us armed with tower shields, and we use a palm tree as a catapult.

  18. See that works better in DND cause featherfall

  19. Baldurs Gate 3, I’m pretty sure one of the Druid wildshape options is a bear

  20. Yup all languages have real world equivalents or are combinations in my homebrew

  21. Tabaxi would speak some Mesoamerican language, according to their FR lore anyway.

  22. Well forgotten realms rules don’t apply in Ostra, also I have no idea how to pronounce Teotihuacán or Q'uq'umatz

  23. All the best weapons my game are named after metal bands.

  24. Naw bread is fine, toast is dry as fuck, I don't see why someone would voluntarily eat something that's basically sandpaper

  25. I guess that’s what the beans are for

  26. My Monday players “why does it take so long to kill enemies”

  27. There are definitely wrong ways to run games, just not the way people are thinking. Whatever way makes your players uncomfortable or not have fun is the wrong way.

  28. ...unless some of your players are literal psycho/sociopaths/misogynists/racists/fascists. Catering to the power fantasies of players like these is just bad.

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