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Chapter 166 [English]

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  1. all the ones in the image, plus Alundra, Wild Arms, Silent Bomber, Bloody Roar, Megaman [both X and Legend], Grandia, and, even if i don't know if it would be risky... SUIKODEN 1 and 2.

  2. i don't mind good graphics, obviously, but i crave for artistic choices when comes to games.

  3. HE LOVES YOU! but if you don't love him back or at least praise him, there will be consequences.

  4. is celeste really that hard? i played 'till platinum hollow knight and bloodborne, i even did demon's souls (twice, somehow i got 2 different trophy set with an UK copy of the game i found) back on ps3, so i was planning to play the ps5 version first.. but if Celeste is an harder challenge i'll focus on that first

  5. got one, togheter with the gbc one, both on aliexpress.

  6. Between this and PS+ Extra I truly don't know where to start.

  7. i'm replaying wild arms for platinum first, then no straight roads, and then returnal and demon's souls..

  8. i was waiting for Crash4 to get under 30, or at least a phisical copy at 40, this is pretty nice!

  9. just rework them at this point, like an upkeep (maybe using adrenaline, after reworking that one as well like it autofills or something) or as flip skills (dunno.. self boon application in combat as passive, party boon application as active)

  10. one of my favourite rpgs, it has a special place in my heart.

  11. 3 and 4 are ports of their handheld ports, so even if they push them to 4k 60p it is probably fine on the PS4 Pro, so no real reason to have two versions.

  12. I’d love if Square announced their Pixel Remasters for FF are coming to Switch (and other platforms)

  13. i would like this so much, i'm holding back because i want to play those on my ps5, but i already gave up and played FF5 on my pc because it's one of my favourite

  14. ehm, ok.. but don't forget about Dr Stone.

  15. i'm just waiting for him to say Akainu's name in front of Luffy.

  16. I thought Yamato is to fill in the side boobs which Nami and Robin don't show. We have cleavage but no side boobs. So Yamato comes into play. Oda is fulfilling the total boobies legacy.

  17. i hope sf2hd and mvc2 comes to the new ps+ subscription, even as classics ps3

  18. why not slap a very low quickness pulse at this point? herald quickness uptime seems pretty low just by reading patch notes, that would probably help.

  19. I would argue that times are much more mature for an Outbreak style game.

  20. that's true, but at the moment i'm kinda worried that outbreak games could come out like REsistance or be flooded with cosmetics and other mtx that would be the focus instead of trying to actually give us the best experience.

  21. i'm not an expert,but isnt it safer to just disassemble it entirely and "wash it" with isoprophyl alcool, so it would evaporate and remove any water residue?

  22. Italy here, looks like something is still broken. I'm premium but can't download extra/premium games (tells me I need to upgrade)

  23. a quanto pare a noi è toccata la pagliuzza corta, dopo diversi errori si son presi i soldi dalla postepay, e per qualche minuto ho visto il tier extra sulla ps5, quando ho tentato di scaricare returnal mi ha dato errore e sono di nuovo sul tier essentials..

  24. Did you buy it years ago as a PS1 classic on the PS3? That should be the reason you are seeing it available for free.

  25. that's the reason, i had wild arms back on ps3, and i got that for free today

  26. my situation is weird, i actually got the upgrade this morning, they got the money and i saw "ps plus extra" with everything inside avaiable.

  27. I...... adore..... re3remake. Pls don't butcher me..... I enjoyed every bit of it. BUT I AM WELL AWARE OF CUT CONTENT AND HOW A BAD REMAKE CAN REALLY MAKE YOU DESPISE IT. I am a HUGE halo fan and we have halo e anniversary, it is the most disgusting piece of video game that has ever been released.

  28. i just wanted it to be longer, some extra zones, not necessarily the clocktower, maybe more raccoon city and the park, and more nemesis roaming around.

  29. i like to complete all these challenges, but all this for a glider sounds insane.

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