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  1. They obviously had guns. Its strange but animals can somehow feel the vibe when a human is armed vs unarmed.

  2. You forgot you're awake buddy, you're confusing dreams for reality.

  3. My mum made one mum friend in the entire time my sister and I were growing up, the friend confessed her love to my dad on Christmas. I hear it’s hard making friends, and harder to make friends that aren’t trying to make you join their MLM

  4. Maybe if everything society idolized wasn't so damn vapid, the people wouldn't be either.

  5. Honestly everybody here sucks. This girl is having a uncalled for emotional breakdown because somebody else is having their dog in a store illegitimately? Walk away lady, it's NOT worth it..

  6. His hands shaking SO HARD when he gets his phone at the end.

  7. In addition to non food grade plastic leeching and off gassing into your snacks when it's open you're exposing all your food to sand instead of risking one item at a time.

  8. You people been reading way too many shady websites. This is not how plastics work..

  9. I helicopter at the moment of climax, so everywhere.

  10. It wouldn't hurt you to actually read the article, but then I know you couldn't get your low-hanging karma..

  11. Whole lotta nothing in this article besides cops stealin a mans money lol.

  12. That's because that's what the whole story is. There was no criminal activity, just some dudes with more money than most people carry, that's enough for cops to take it though, and there's no legal recourse for you to get it back.

  13. So they just straight up took their money? For no other reason than suspected criminal activity? Please, sue these police officers for this. This is only a power move to make these officers feel like they're doing their jobs.

  14. This is extremely legal and pretty much every jurisdiction in america. It's literally how the police fund themselves.

  15. Just click the viewport name and select "capture to file"

  16. That’s when the church had power, now it does absolutely nothing.

  17. are a moron if you actually believe this. Or willfully ignorant at best.

  18. I disagree, I'm pretty sure they're all fucking morons who fell for a con man. People just got really good at playing the social game, and we didn't notice how fucking stupid people were getting. Now we are noticing, and we're paying the consequence tenfold.

  19. Like were they orbital dropped?

  20. The Roman's were not monotheistic.

  21. Thus proving that rich people aren't smarter than the rest of us, just luckier and less constrained by morality.

  22. Killer was a real brainiac. Woman was on her way to meet him that night to talk things out. He’s an ex-boyfriend who had current strife with her and had shoved or hit her in the past. This guy is like #1 person of interest just by default.

  23. I'm no legalist... But I'm pretty sure this why "crimes of passion" is a term at all to begin with. Nothing here implied he was in a right state of mind, so idk why you assume he thought he could get away with it.

  24. What about the cowardly act of robbing an old man and breaking his bones while looting his home? If you are the type of person to do that you knew the risks going into it. That’s probably the exact reason he was robbed. He was old and weak.

  25. Last time i checked, you dont get to revenge kill someone because they hurt you and stole your stuff. There's a BIG difference. I am not saying the woman wasn't in the wrong, i'm saying maybe she didn't deserve to DIE for it? There is a reason we have a legal/justice system, even if it is broken. How the fuck do we have any right to demand for police reform if we are gonna just murder everyone who does us harm? thats ludicrous.

  26. There’s a case for him being very scared they’ll return to finish him off, and in this particular case the police and the law disagreed with you. No charges for the old man. He doesn’t even need an attorney. “Ludicrous” maybe… maybe not.

  27. .. And there is an (unlikely) case for those people having a mental issue that created a situation which impaired their judgement. I seriously doubt it, i'm pretty sure they were just shitty people, being shitty, but "pretty sure" isn't a qualifying judgement condition where someone's life is on the line. Since you want to litigate for the revenge killer.

  28. Conservative mod probably didn't appreciate the post about his wife.

  29. Sadly gun racks are illegal now, you can still carry guns of course, but the racks are banned in cars/trucks.

  30. Yeah real sad that people can't obstruct their view with their marvelous firearms that they absolutely don't need to be carrying around easily accessibly. Sure bub.

  31. So how come these people get to just be left the fuck alone but I'm beholden to every goddamn company in government in between here and the opposite side of the world? Am I worthless because I was born into a modern society? Are they worth more because we accept that we've become awful shitty creatures in the time since they split away from us?

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