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I'm the guy that says "Just let the girl speak!" in Rogue One (Samuel Victor / Torius Chord). I'm new to Reddit, will swap upvotes for annecdotes?

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  1. Seriously. I love him for this.

  2. Looks like you nailed it buddy! 🍻

  3. As a diehard 36 season Raider fan I find it almost impossible to say anything nice about Shannon Sharpe, but how can you not love him for this?! 😂

  4. She counted income tax twice. Why can’t people complain correctly?

  5. Was this scene directed by Gareth Edwards or by Tony Gilroy after he supposedly took over and did reshoots?

  6. Haven’t been there in a few months but Bar 101 on Main St usually has the games on with sound… and probably 30 beers on tap.

  7. To be clear, the state worker "cops" (CHP + CDCR, at least) do seem to get better shit than the rest of us.

  8. They get what they want because over 90% of them are dues paying members and they’re actively engaged in the bargaining process.

  9. Because like the teacher’s union they have well over 90% of their eligible workforce as dues paying members. They’re also always engaged and talking to each other about the issues that are important to them. I work side by side with cops and whenever the uniforms are around one another, they’re actively discussing the issues that their union is fighting for and sharing opinions. I’d guess less than 10% of the professional staff I’m around do that.

  10. Good job friend. Enjoy that great looking steak!

  11. I was quick scrolling and thought that this was a picture. Nice work 😂

  12. Wow this is actually a hot take (so many say that these days and takes couldn’t be more unoriginal)! While I very much do not agree, I appreciate your opinion.

  13. This is an interesting list but I suspect a lot of what is listed here can be consolidated. For example they list Super Toys and AI when they’re both the same project. Same with Traumnovelle and Eyes Wide Shut. I wonder if all the Nazi related films were part of a continuum of work that was leading toward The Aryan Papers.

  14. Yes, I would think for Aryan Papers it was simply reading everything on the Holocaust and looking for a suitable story. Schindler's Ark would've been a relatively well-known book, so one of the possibilities. Although famously he thought the story wasn't on the Holocaust per se, but on saving a few hundred Jews. Kubrick wanted to portray the truth of the Holocaust, and eventually according to his wife gave up and shelved it because of not only Schindler's List coming out the same time (and FMJ was hampered by Platoon releasing around the same time) but also because mentally he was exhausted reading all the horrors, and didn't think he could adequately portray the Holocaust in a way that wasn't either too gratuitous or in some way participatory in it, that even portraying elements of it would be wrong. Interestingly too he was fascinated that on his wife's side were relatives of Veit Harlan, who directed the infamous Nazi propaganda movie Jud Süb under order of Goebbels. There's an interesting doco interviewing Kubrick's relatives and Veit's children and grandchildren talking about their feelings on the movie and Kubrick's interest in the man. He looked to possibly tell his story at one point too:

  15. Interesting… I’ve heard Jan discuss those points regarding the timing of Schindler’s List and Platoon as it relates to Stanley’s similarly themed projects. However, I had no idea of his in laws relationship to Nazi propaganda. Very interesting. Where did you read this? I’d love to deep dive it if possible.

  16. Yeah man, the Chiefs becoming the new Pats is literally my greatest sports related nightmare.

  17. In the wild they tend to lean and grow out horizontally, so you can choose to gently and incrementally stake the spike up if you like, but do be careful.

  18. Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it!

  19. That is indeed a spike! You can tell by the little nubs on the tip (which will form into buds)!

  20. So cool! I was worried it wouldn’t make another one.

  21. Well they’re certainly photogenic!


  23. I usually roll my eyes at the “no” crowd, shooting down every suggestion, but… no.

  24. Everyone always worried about what it will cost, like we don't throw away picks every draft

  25. Why throw them all away over a decade, when we can do it in one offseason? Evolution. 😂

  26. Perfect approach. Mods please pin this!

  27. There's a less than 0% chance Gruden didn't get on his ass often

  28. If I’m recalling the article correctly, Gruden ripped into car during video sessions (heavily during year one), but never in front of the team.

  29. If you’re a Raider fan you better be bitter about the tuck rule. The immaculate deception happened before I was even born and it makes me sick every time I see a replay of it. It’s black and white. You’re either a Raider fan or you’re no. We all ride together through the good and bad, end of story.

  30. I thought he’d ball out too.

  31. Picturing Irsay spilling his blow all over the floor and having to snort it up over an 8 sq ft radius.

  32. I appreciate your post and your perspective. In a situation like this, where we literally have no control over the decisions being made, I choose to pull for McDaniel’s and Ziegler’s success in what they’re trying to pull off.

  33. This happened to me last year. Supervisor filed paperwork with SCIF for me. Within a week I had a SCIF rep and they walked me through the process of getting the sick days I used, back to me. There was also some coverage for future covid related complications, should there be any. Always great to have a supervisor who cares about you and does their job. Best of luck.

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