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  1. You're not wrong about capitalism, however this isn't a capitalist market we speak of.

  2. True but that's why I'm calling out the NBA about it. They could allocate more money towards promoting the WNBA personal. I think, from a behavioral economic standpoint, it could benefit both associations.

  3. The NBA already subsidizes the wnba for the most part as they lose money most seasons

  4. Hy vee here has an armed uniformed cop standing at the self checkout

  5. Got a one day suspension for being assaulted by a coworker that had 100 pounds and 10 inches on me

  6. That's what they told the Rev. King, but today, no one has to sit at the back of a bus because of skin color.

  7. Are the conservatives actually trying to fuck up the average citizens, or is it prolific incompetence?

  8. That actually seems like a cool way to utilize technology that allows disabled people to engage in society. Here's hoping the income is just something extra and not required though...

  9. The heat isn’t what causes skin cancer, it’s the UV rays, which you’re still experiencing a lot of. You can’t just say “Eh, it doesn’t feel hot today so I’m not damaging my skin.” That’s not how that works at all.

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