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The FTC wants to ban those tough-to-cancel gym and cable subscriptions | The proposed ‘click to cancel’ rule would require companies to let you cancel a membership in as many steps as it takes to sign up.

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  1. the RC-505 tabletop looper (MKI until they work the bugs out of the II).

  2. Check out Keller Williams, he is an absolute master of performing the way you’re describing. If I’m remembering correctly he’s got some type of MPC and a Korg Kaossilator Pro+, along with some looper pedals and effects (probably something like the rc505 you mentioned).

  3. A fully tuned Rhodes is real sweet... Anything short of that is kind of a second hobby.

  4. Great sounds and dead simple operation with all the effects you need in a dead simple interface. I midi in and play with a P121 and an MOXF for two different actions depending on the circumstances.

  5. I had a major Formosan infestation a few years back. It was a nightmare that resulted in $11k worth of repairs plus an Orkin treatment.

  6. Good event! I hope you guys were able to raise some funds with it. I had a drink and dropped a fin in the bucket. Will you be having another film event? Also, would you mind passing on the make and model of the projector you used?

  7. They're already worth 6.62 trillion (JPY) /s

  8. At a glance this looks like Lukin 2.0

  9. OK, here goes. Enharmonics. If you respell a Neapolitan chord it becomes a bowl of refreshing ice cream.

  10. I've been told that if you have to explain a joke, well. Here goes anyway.

  11. I told you not to leave that box of crullers on your dash.

  12. Wait - that store has crullers? They always tell me they don't have them there :(

  13. Sad but true. I used "cruller" because it's a punchier/funnier word. TBF, chocolate covered peanut sprinkles would've probably worked well. They don't make those either. Prospective anaphylactic shock victims have ruined it for everyone.

  14. I left geico as they went up on my premium when I purchased a new Yukon suv 100/300 and no wrecks ever and no tickets for over 10 years Rate was 210 a month for 6 months Went to progressive and got 104 a month with 250/500 Couldn’t be happier Would never do back to geico And afterwards they sent me and email to try and get me back for a few hundred off that 6 month premium

  15. You are not alone. They're taking rate and apparently have lousy back office analytics. IMO this going to result in a terrible bunch of upcoming quarters / years for GEICO.

  16. Fabulous tutorial. I'd already watched all the Arturia videos and read the manual while making Apple notes, but your patch creation lesson helped me pull it all together.

  17. There's a few different spots, it will all depend on which runway they are using. If they are taking off from 26 then you can go to Roger Scott Athletic Complex, and it offers a trail and a fence right next to the runway. If they are using Runway 35 there's a big open field on Langley. If they are using Runway 8 then corner of Maygarden and Spanish Trail is a good place. And there is of course the Aviation Discovery Park which has a view of all 4 runways for the most part. All depends on which runway they are using and what kind of clips you are wanting to get.

  18. It's all about the he said she said...

  19. These are the things that are important, right? Never mind fixing the corrosive societal effects of consolidated media ownership that the FCC has enabled.

  20. Hopefully the federal reserve will see this. Low cost analog synths are part of the basket of goods, right?

  21. The DX I feel like is capable of a lot of identical tones to the CP and more since u can download sounds from the site. Yea the freak is the one for me I hope I can get funky with those small keys and slider

  22. I can't speak to the DX but I think you'll wind up spending multiple hours trying to get the sound you want and could easily get with the CP.

  23. And I’m not knocking down the DX, CP or the YC. For the price point it’s good for what it does but for the utmost realistic emulation there are many other better options out there. With the enhanced realism tho comes a greater price ofc

  24. No, there are not better options to the classic Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and clavs that have been used in many genres of music for decades. You'll be wasting a lot of time trying to get a sound rather than actually playing. Good luck with that. Get a CP for the best sounding classic EP's.

  25. Once upon a time, a guy pulled into a gas station. He went inside, got a drink and a pack of smokes and said to the cashier "hey, I'm new in town, what's it like here?"

  26. TBF, papering over that bird chest was a good move.

  27. Here’s why I think the minifreak is outstanding and why I’m happy I added it to my collection:

  28. All of the above and would add the flexibility of the mod matrix and assignable touch strips plus keybed velocity and aftertouch modulations.

  29. Use your head. The AI route is lame AF. If you suck at poetry, find a collaborator.

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