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  1. Footpath. Since when did we start calling it a bloody sidewalk?

  2. We chose correas- barossa gold for a bit of foliage difference

  3. He and Benita were Play School royality. And fuckin round window was the best.

  4. Fuck yeah, and cheers to the Rocket Clock too cunt!

  5. I think spice wagon at Coventry changed its name, but have everything- ghosts, reapers, even chipotles in adobo. Not fresh, though. Coles sometimes has fresh reapers, heat can be variable

  6. Lucky rednuts don't feel pain.

  7. Sheila: fem. proper name, Irish equivalent of Celia, shortened form of Cecilia, the fem. form of Cecil. A standard type of an Irish women's name since 1828; slang for "girlfriend, young woman" dates from 1839.

  8. Prolly forced to water down their content to appease the meta masters

  9. Waiting to see which wannabe mod's gunna swoop in first...

  10. It’s an anti-corruption stake (so it’s not gifted as a bribe or similar) and reason why we don’t need to pay luxury tax on winnings. Anything with skill can be awarded a prize within open contests, and non-taxable when awarded.

  11. Do you know who you are talking to? I'll fucking find you and make you wish your mother took it in the ass that day.

  12. So what is a ‘sav’ then? Coz I thought I’ve been classy as all these years alluding to some Sauvignon. It’s a cock isn’t it? It’s always a cock.

  13. Mate it's not a bogan shitposting sub if we're not fucking arguing for no reason. Gotta get the bants and slags in.

  14. Requesting an immediate 30 day ban for using "y'all" in this sub...

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