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  1. There’s also no mention of Jesus not fighting an army of alien space bats on the back of a fire-breathing chicken, so you’re saying it’s possible that he did?

  2. One of the worst analogies I've seen. It's possible he could do this, if fire-breathing chickens didn't extinct before Jesus was born, and alien space bats yet not arrived.

  3. You seem to want to have things both ways. You insist that orcs have the concept of a menu, despite no evidence of that in the text, but now all of a sudden you need textual proof of Jesus riding a flamethrower chicken?

  4. Don't read propaganda from the bloody elves with their unrealistic beauty standards /s


  6. I don't like Tecendil's capitalisation by default. Capital Tengwar were not used to start every sentence.

  7. Glaemscribe recently got English phonemic mode with terrific number of options.

  8. I beg your pardon? d-doom/thrash? isn't that an oxymoron?

  9. The combination of the ethnic name of the "Variags" and the place name of "Rhûn", IMO, seem more evocative ancient Russian territory than the far east. This is because the name "Variags" resembles

  10. "Variags" is literally how "Varangians" are called in Russian

  11. There are six diphthongs in Quenya: ai, oi, ui, au, iu, eu, and the first four have been attested as being written. Diphthongs ending in i are written with the tehta above yanta, and diphthongs ending in u are written with the tehta above úrë, even though Appendix E mentions that yanta/úrë usually represent y/w. In the Namárië manuscript Tolkien used them as diphthongs. Examples of three vowels are

  12. Thanks, now I see, it's the correct Author's spelling.

  13. It seems Tecendil fucks up with word "yuyo" (is it real Quenya though?), "Ómet" (probably because of upperscript Ó) and may be somewhere else too.

  14. Why is "yúyo" (assuming it is Quenya) "fucked up"? I see it and it is correctly written.

  15. oops, my bad, it's "yúyo", so long "ú" can be written on long telco (or with double hook over anna).

  16. Just about any book about soviet internal policies not written in the USSR or russia will do. Stalin bigraphies may also refer to it but i'm not sure. Can't name any specific article because it's been quite a while.

  17. Even late USSR books admit it (blaming Stalin personally, not the whole state)

  18. Older people tend to use Одноклассники instead ( or whatever)

  19. Russian here: he is not racist, he is basically right. Late 19th century Russian literature was criticizing such Russian mindset, but without seeing much hope in changing the society.

  20. Halfwits couldn't take the pressure and won't last more than a few weeks at most. I could write several novels of all the odd ball things that can go wrong on a production line as well as the odd ball equipment. Some of it will leave you baffled as to how we get our stuff every time we're at the grocery store.

  21. Yeah, but PLC software is mostly thousands of "if" operators in a visual form, no complex algorithms. Still need to think about edge cases though...

  22. Зачем множить ошибку Брэдбери? Бумага загорается при 450 градусах по Цельсию, по Фаренгейту она загорается при 843 градусах.....

  23. Зависит от сорта, толщины бумаги и длительности воздействия. Стопудово может и при 350.

  24. You need the whole sub-genres called Traditional and Epic Doom Metal

  25. Oh ok, good to know. That’s actually what I was searching for, a russian version of saying 300 bucks. Like: I bought it for 30 bucks. So the way it’s used is not: я купил его за триста бабок? Makes sense then that the word бабки sounded a bit familiar to me, but the construction I did above didn’t sound like something I heard before.

  26. Fun fact: names Sauron and Saruman were mixed up once in one of the newer Russian translations

  27. Void of Silence - Human Antithesis - has a lot of clean vocals besides growls and screams

  28. I'd gladly watch more Harfoots and Dwarves to heal the trauma from other plot lines.

  29. No love. I'm tired of media depiction of Uruks as giants. The tallest were 6ft, while most of them were dwarf-sized.

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