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  1. If Der Spiegel is a “tabloid”, then NZZ is too, and a very conservative one at that 😂

  2. Do you consider NZZ a tabloid? Is not a Newspaper from Zürich?

  3. It’s not a tabloid. It’s certainly a news magazine, but pretty conservative. There was a very obvious attempt to gain more conservative German nationals as readers, as they often pick up on Germany-related issues. It’s really not my cup of tea, and I don’t share many of their views, and they can be pretty populist, too. It might be good to complement it with another source for news, maybe a more left leaning one. Bild is the worst btw.

  4. I think that’s how my husband sees NZZ to have some contrast with other newspapers.

  5. I taught English to high school students in Poland like, 15 years ago. A couple of the kids were obsessed with British music, and whenever they had a chance to play/sing Wonderwall, they did. It became sort of their anthem. It was funny.

  6. Oasis is the first band I discovered by myself back in Argentina. It made me dream so much about England. But ended up moving to Switzerland. Perhaps one day I might live there.

  7. The reporter mentions the allegations of Meghan bullying Charlotte, but mistakenly says “three year old princess Beatrice”.

  8. man, why they gotta involve other people in their fucking stupid ass decisions? at least do it against a wall instead of murdering someone else

  9. Where I live train drivers suffer from PTSD because of people jumping to into the train lines to commit suicide.

  10. Meghan has been compared in this forum to Amber Heard, Casey Anthony, Heather Mills, Wallis Simpson and Jody Arias! Anyone else I should add to that list? Kind of a different list to what the PR people are trying to achieve I would assume!

  11. She was 10 years old. I can see that a kid would have conflated what she saw on tv vs what she actually saw. BUT I would double check stuff like that before talking to the press.

  12. She has a low serious voice with lots of enunciation.

  13. As a non-American, she sounds verrry American. Like, if I hear some celebrities, they sound very clear and almost like they have no-origin accent. But when I hear Meghan talk, it’s almost like as if she accentuates it more, or could it be because she’s sometimes surrounded by British people & it stands out more.

  14. Same feelings. Sounds very American I don't know how to explain it.

  15. The Mercedes may have not followed the rule in the past, before this video started. They definitely should have checked to make sure no one was coming. But in the situation as shown, they are already there and should be allowed to proceed. Cammer was the bigger idiot given what we see in the video.

  16. I agree with you on the point about cars with dashcams changing their driving style.

  17. We all tend to agree that TW is an abysmal dresser. How would you style her?

  18. I’m tempting to make a mega post about fashion choices for her.

  19. I´ve been a lurker on this sub for weeks. I found this sub earlier this year but only started my daily fix about 16 weeks ago. Only this week I decided to fully engage with everyone instead of just giggling to myself every time someone said exactly what I think of this duo. I love how the atmosphere here is focused on their shenanigans rather than the colour of her mother´s skin like she thinks. I hope she reads the comments so she can see that it´s not about the colour of her skin rather the content of her character. This sub transcends race and that´s why I love it.

  20. I will take them. This is the first time in years since I've no void. Recently lost my girl Nera.

  21. You can replace butter for oil in some recipes. Idk if I will call it olive oil cake. I would have called just cake. But it’s plausible.

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