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  1. the sheer number of omicron infections will lead to the rise of new variants.

  2. The palace just cut her off from any kind of payout from winning the case. Andrew was borrowing money everywhere even when he had access to the royal family without them he has nothing to pay out.

  3. More attention needs to be paid to the increase of male on female violence. Despite making up only 49% of the population, men kill 98% of the female murder victims.

  4. I don't understand what the difference is in showing off your gun on snap chat and putting it on a Christmas card?

  5. Way too many cars here in the south have stickers that think this is funny for that to be the case.

  6. The Uniform Code of Military Justice's Article 88 has a prohibition against 'contemptuous speech' against the President and other leaders as it goes against good order and discipline. When I was in the Navy in the 90s, we were reminded that Clinton-Lewinsky jokes were prohibited. So "Let's Go Brandon" being 2nd Grader code for "Fuck Joe Biden" would certainly fall under the same logic.

  7. I came here to say this I don't see how any soldier who had some of this stuff could get away with it.

  8. I don't think anyone has the cold storage for vaccines in their home this doesn't sound right.

  9. So awful. All I can think about is what will happen to Harris' kids? This must have been so traumatic for them.

  10. Based on the numbers for domestic violence for police probably the safest outcome.

  11. You are free to post articles about it here on the sub whenever they happen.

  12. so now climate change can/will be used as a scapegoat for general incompetence.

  13. incompetence means your train is late and your trash doesn't get picked up, this is climate disaster that destroys your home and ways of life.

  14. I am going to laugh if the reason Trump was inflating the value of his property was to get on the Forbes list.

  15. This is English literacy rates. CA has a very large Hispanic population. Take a drive down the central valley and you'll see why English is a perfectly acceptable second language.

  16. Defund the police some more and get us more social workers.

  17. If I recall, most large cities are reporting higher than normal gun deaths over the last two years. Chicago is certainly not alone in that regard.

  18. Record years of gun sales combined with the spread of homemade gun making tech is driving the numbers up everywhere.

  19. She signed away any chance of holding people accountable for a paltry 500k, capitalism is sick.

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