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  1. He was trying to do the homebrew thing where "Basic +1 weapons and armour aren't considered magical, just better quality" which tbf, I do in my home games too.

  2. I agree with this.... however, if you're using the madness table, perhaps you could rule that exposing him to something that causes madness like that statue from Sunblight, he could receive a new flaw that replaces his addiction to alcohol. Could be worse, could be less worse, who knows what could happen.

  3. I just don’t like the Christian feel of it all, if it makes sense.

  4. And by Christian feel you mean lawful good and desire to destroy all evil? Otherwise I have no idea what you mean. Paladins don't always even need to be in service to a God or temple. It's their ideals that drive them, their oaths.

  5. I don't necessarily think that myself, I'm saying that's the only thematic thing about paladins I could see someone else viewing as Christianity. Laughs in kid who developed reading comprehension skills at a young age

  6. Still not going to take anything except alpha packs

  7. I don’t want a galactic extinction level threat. Focus on the conflicts between different races and criminal syndicates like Elder Scrolls. Multiple quest lines would be cool.

  8. A friend of mine ran a oneshot for 3 players (2PCs each) so we had a party of 6. I had a Cleric and Paladin pair of brothers. Our group was tasked with tracking down and killing a dragon as it was terrorizing the nearby town. We get to the dragon's lair where it assumes we have appeared before it to present with an offering on behalf of the town. We deny that and try to reason with it at first eventually leading to threats. The dragon flies off towards the town, which is miles away, so we head into its lair to ambush it upon its return. After it does a massive battle ensues. We come our victorious but at what cost? We return to the town and find it in ruins, almost everyone dead. My cleric decides to use "Divine Intervention" which has a 13% chance of succeeding. I rolled a 00/7! Instantly about 75% of the town returns to life, some unwilling spirits I guess, and my Cleric and Paladin decide it best to retire from their adventuring careers and help the town rebuild. The Cleric helps people learn about his god that brought everyone back and the Paladin becomes the new leader after successfully passing some checks in front of a council. Definitely one of the most satisfying endings to a D&D game I've had, even if it was a one shot.

  9. Matchmaking is based off skill, an invisible value thats determined by previous ranks in past seasons. Rank this season is basically meaningless as you play matches within your skill, not rank. Just because someone is in copper rank, does not mean their skill nor their match making is copper lobbies.

  10. Im okay with him sitting against Dallas, but if we lose, we need him to play against NO or NYG if healthy enough. There's a fine line here we risk crossing or not crossing. I dont want him to reinjure or delay healing, but I also dont want the playoffs to be the first game he plays after 4-5 weeks of no activity either.... if he sits against Dallas, then have him start against NO. If we beat the saints, then rest him for playoffs.

  11. I'm planning on running this very soon, and I have 6 players with some very unique reasons for being there:

  12. Wow! Ya know what, I really think that might be it. I estimated 1999-2004 because thats about the age I would've been playing those kind of games, mayber earlier like 97/98, but the game being older wouldnt shock me either. That was fast though! I'm impressed my vague memory got a quick reply!

  13. 2.5 hours per session in 40 sessions? Thats barely 100hours of gameplay. At that rate, my group would finish this in about 12 sessions.

  14. We have. Usually meet at 3-4 on a Saturday and play until we're tired and wanna go home, Usually around 11 or 12 at night

  15. Its okay, cant worry about anyone else. One game at a time, regardless of the opponent prepare to win.

  16. There it is.... thanks Turf fields.... ruining the game one knee ligament at a time

  17. So I have no stats for you. But I give you the terrifying concept known as

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