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WCGW hitting and kicking a donkey

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  • By - J--J

Disney fan with Down syndrome reacts to the new Little Mermaid Trailer

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  1. HVAC ,electrician, welder, plumber, network tech, line operator (power lines), machinist, cnc programmer, nurse

  2. It’s because interest groups tend to cater to and lift up those rather than look at underlying causality or teach self confidence and impulse controls

  3. Everyone’s offended by something these days. What a conformist

  4. Ironic as the OP is clearly offended by those messages too.

  5. I actually agree. Text has no emotion and we have no context as to what the relationship is between the two. Is she a community nut? Friend if the family? Who knows

  6. Holy heck it was a little more difficult than I thought but do you for diploma is good enough for me officially a+ certified with the blazing score of 708 😳 But study wise I just did Mike Myers Professor Messer Jason Dion and I feel like almost every time between those three they’ll get you a pass it might not be Purdy but it don’t matter

  7. I would use this for gaming, not even gonna front. If yall don't wanna upvote i get it. but straight up i'm using this thing to live my best life in FPS games.

  8. Get on coursera and take the intro to cybersecurity course it’s free for the first couple days in case you change your mind. When you complete the course you get a certificate.

  9. I tried to apply for the google certs and doesn't give the option to apply for them. I'll give it another go.

  10. Some of the courses run through certain times so that particular course may be in session. Just wait for the next one to roll around.

  11. Is the tests fairly the same? I’ve been studying for 1001 & 1002 but don’t think I’ll be ready before the deadline in October.

  12. interestingly enough I found that the study materials for the 1102 were often present in the 1002. I signed a contracted when taking the test that said I could not replicate the questions from memory so I cannot specifically help you. however, the pearson test prep app for both tests is only 20$ and it has all the questions from the chapters and 4 practice exams with 89 questions. I used these to pass the 1101 and the 1002 .. god that still stings to admit

  13. You got this I’ll be taking it Thursday so here’s to both of us passing

  14. yeah then you can print all the money you want with no backing

  15. I hate to break it to you, but that's how the current dollar works.

  16. what a pussy lol spoken like a true lib scream your piece then run away or block anyone saying different. see no contradiction hear no contradiction

  17. You’re going to learn network security but you can not learn 1101?

  18. This is the way. The tests are designed to trip you up. There will be seemingly more than one right answer but you must choose the best answer. You need some practice exams to get decent at recognizing these

  19. No core 1 is the hard one. Core two is less information and more intuitive to those that have been using computers.

  20. I seriously thought this was a clip from jeepers creepers at first

  21. This infuriated me more than anything!!! Who would fill this

  22. I've seen a lot more, "people hate this movie because they cast Ariel as black" than I've actually seen anyone who has hated this movie because they changed Ariel.

  23. You're right there's no one complaining about the constant poor quality live action remakes. It must all be racists. 🙄

  24. i'm dead ass right it's just loser virtue signalers like you that care. the rest of the world has more important things to worry about than the next Disney star FAKE ass race bating. but please go on living in your bot filled msnbc pipe dream of stupidity

  25. I would check the ones where I didn’t second guess myself. Some are probably catastrophic, others probably good

  26. I think that was what I was thinking all along. However image the opposite, maybe it’s better I talked trash online versus in person and humiliating myself around people I know or respect. Maybe it was better I didn’t just impulsively walk out, or maybe it was good I didn’t text her back.

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