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  1. There would be broom posters on all public infrastructure, in addition to other things.

  2. "who watches the watchmen?" Yaarum illa adhan answer machi.

  3. Police also get β€œfree” meals in hotels.

  4. Yes, a Restaurant near where I stay has unlimited free anything for at least three Policemen from the Police station within whose jurisdiction the Restaurant is.

  5. Ruchi used to run till early morning. Don't if they still do. And some of the hotels in the north by pass and near high ground.

  6. Most close by 2300, the only ones open are Tea shops near Toll booths on the Highway and a couple of similar outlets inside the new Bus Stand.

  7. There were better times, when the humble fruit was sold by the dozen and not by weight.

  8. I found this finally without using any map application. Directions on Highways and other Roads can be misleading at times.

  9. absolute win for the church, keeps the jews out and hindus in

  10. Hindus, nah, it is not the Hindu Swastik in this orientation, it is the Nazi Swastika.

  11. OP daily oru railway station photo vaa podriyee, apdi enna Vela dhan ya seiyuura ???πŸ€”

  12. I get that you're angry about the fans. but come on. lights are important, fans are important too.

  13. Lights are, but, so many when there is nobody at those locations, nah; on other stations I have seen lights switched off in such situations, with basic lighting for security purposes and for patrolling etcetera.

  14. Okay, right now it is dry, partly sunny and it is beginning to get warm gradually. I've reached Trivandrum.

  15. Google ille. Many reliable Weather apps. Ithil post cheyunna time pore?

  16. Yeah. It's a high tension area. 6-7 years back there used to be atleast a robbery around paalayamkottai every other week most of them involved a murder, my college staff and his wife was killed for money and gold most of them was happening around perumalpuram and ngo colony area. But seevalaperi is the wild west of Tirunelveli. People got killed for stepping on another guy's foot in a festival. And a lot of revenge murders. So no wonder they stop often. I won't recommend exploring places during the night. But you can go on a ride to paabanaasam or manimuthar on weekends. With great scenery of podhigai hills and green fields with tamirabarani.

  17. Perumalpuram and NGO colony? those areas never looked like that since when I am in Tirunelvel, which is few years now. But I have heard of thefts and other crimes in variius rural areas from colleagues and others. I have seen a stabbing and a beheaded body and a murdered person, which was shocking initially.

  18. Cast issues and gang issues. One of the guy near my area killed a money lender, did his jail time and came out and killed one caste party leader, went to jail and came on bail. Guess what the opposite gang did. Cut his head off and placed under that leader's banner. I was studying 9th, when I saw the money lender's body with a stabbed knife on his back on the way to school from the bus.

  19. Are these people waiting for their Trains or is this used as a resting place by them every night?

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