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  1. Why would you think fusing is even on the table if you can’t even slightly understand each other’s experiences???

  2. I don't think I said we don't understand each other's experiences. It should be on the table it's been 7 years.. if a system is supposed to do what's best than what's best for our kids is fusing

  3. I just want to add that when both of us are up front together, we are both advocating for fusion. It is not that one of us disagrees. We both want it.

  4. It sounds like you’re not at all confused. You just aren’t listening to yourself.

  5. Yep, as others have said. Mine mostly sound the same in tone, accent and timbre. A few have different vocal behaviors, pitch and vernacular/turn of phrase.

  6. I relate to this so much, with the startling by the sound of our voice and the dysphoria

  7. Not to be flippant at all, but one day of cussing your husband out doesn’t make for divorce. Clearly there is something/things not okay with y’all’s relationship. Do you have a therapist?

  8. I just want to reiterate that when I say an attempt to accept it I do not mean accepting unhealthy behaviors. I mean accepting in a way that I can have communication with all of me without judgment and unconditional positive regard.

  9. Unfortunately this has been an ongoing reoccurring thing every few months where I I have been pretty nasty in the past. I should have disclosed my disorder before we got married but I was not having symptoms so I was under the assumption that I was misdiagnosed or I had been in psychosis or something. I have been so nasty before that my husband has recorded me in secret to play back to me so I could hear how I was talking. Now looking back those behaviors make sense because they're very unlike me but make sense with my diagnosis and I've come to accept it and I'm trying to normalize it in my life as much as I can.. sadly trying to get my husband to wrap his head around a diagnosis that makes little to no sense to myself, challenging would be an understatement.

  10. Ooooo reading this post and seeing everyone’s comments has got me so excited! I didn’t know I was the only one! Do folks have favorite strains that help best with communication for you?

  11. This is actually a common symptom of the diagnosis itself I've been diagnosed for almost 7 years and still to this day I'm like no way despite the profound proof and evidence if it were not for my husband being able to reflect off of with my behavior and my mannerisms and my different perspectives and the writing and the videos recorded are the reasons that really bring me back to this reality that I do have it. You are not alone in your feelings of shame and denial I think with everybody who has it across the board there is some level of denial which for a long time was the purpose. It was able to keep you from your child experiences.

  12. I am what I am spectating is an OSDD system.. I was diagnosed with DID but nobody has names and lately , it's been hard to keep track. I'm waiting to find out if I'm able to map out my system and giving names.. it's like I know their functions for the most part but not entirely.

  13. I was not aware until I was 19.. then accidentally took a bad tab of acid 😒 and 30 days later had a 5 subject notebook full of communication and memories. That was burned and thrown away. I was in the hospital a few times from a breakdown.. then I had amnesia and discredited my diagnosis.. then had another breakdown stone cold sober when I was 22 and took action to not only understand this but to heal and with time, became not only aware of my parts but In communication... Fuck that.... I became aware when I was out of the dangerous abusive home I grew up in. It didn't come out again til I moved whole states away...

  14. I remember back when I first was diagnosed and things were really beginning to "show" and some of the veil was lifted between me and my different parts, I struggled alot with it myself. Part of the healing was accountability, as well as recognizing all of those parts are me, that I am the sum of all of my parts. I'm not sure if this is the stage your boyfriend is at yet. But with time, communication, and therapy, all of my parts and I are in communication for the most part.. The reality is, the more therapy and work he does, the more I'm communication he will be... I can't say I've ever been offended if someone got me and my parts wrong because I've always been extremely covert to the outside world and would prefer if noone knew at all.. and even now, 2 years married, my husband can hardly tell when I've switched or who is out because a "gatekeeper" part makes every other part nearly mute so we're not "seen"... I don't know if this was helpful. But I can say, with time and patience, it does get easier.. so long as he is wanting the healing. On the other hand. I have been with someone who was also a system, and they became extremely abusive and put me in a dangerous situation... Boundaries are always important, no matter the diagnosis. Safety is first and foremost. The part that "hates" you is probably the most prominent protector of the person as a whole. Anyone who is "let in" or recognizes this secret about different parts, will get the brunt of the anger and defensiveness and coldness and suspicion and paranoia.. mine is still very relevant in my marriage. Always one foot out the door because he knows of my diagnosis.. trust, honesty and being a safe person, and a non reactant person will help the system adjust and lighten the load of the protector, it's their job to keep people out and most of their reactions are trauma based and typically has more to do with triggers and less to do with You and who you are to them...

  15. Discovered high functioning asd a few months back... Learned the terms. Still have not gotten diagnosed but it has literally put pieces of my weird puzzle into place. I'm 24 ..... It has explained so much. Again. Not diagnosed. I'm a female so I imagine how hard it would be to diagnose me as I've been masking for so many years..

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