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  1. Yeah but not to kill the mosquitoes I want to burn myself alive in order to stop the itchiness

  2. I love the design of this card. I only got a PNY uprising but at least the backplate looks nice

  3. PNY was one of the cards I was considering but after watching a video which compared the power limits of different 3060Tis and ranked them, I wanted to avoid MSI Ventus and a couple of other variants. PNY was somewhere in the middle. Not a huge difference between all as it is still a 3060Ti but just wanted to make sure I get the best out of it.

  4. Yeah I’m not into AIOs either. Air coolers>>> What are you cooling your 3700x with?

  5. Wraith Prism stock cooler xD I'm actually impressed that you can actually do a small overclock with that cooler. But that thing is loud af

  6. Oh wow. I’m not confident enough in my skills for something like that. Plus I’m lazy so air cooling is perfect for me.

  7. By the looks of it there’s a cutout where the gpu die lies so you don’t need to remove it

  8. I think your answer is the best one so far , thank you most likely il do that as i only play Valorant on my pc. And needed some boost i overall performance.

  9. Nice! I like them too, their new minimal design and color scheme is on point. I really like their new fans, I finagled a 2nd one to use as my case exhaust. I only have an i5 12500 so adding it to the heatsink would have been even more overkill than it already was lol. I know the cold plate isn't quite as nice as on the 620 but I like that they centered the two middle copper pipes together. They end up running directly over the core / down the middle of the IHS. Core temps are always within 1-2c of each other.

  10. I only have a 12400f lol but I went with ak620 because I plan on upgrading to the 13700 in a couple years. I also swapped the fans with noctua’s nf p12 redux and I really dig the look of it. I’m using the stock fans as case fans now and they’re very good fans indeed.

  11. Hey I can't talk, I almost got an AIO just because I could and my case would accept it lol. Stuck with what I know, the tried and true. What are your idle/load temps? I feel like I'm getting around 30c idle and 60c load. Maybe 65c with heat soak. I feel like it should be better but maybe not? I'm out the loop, I haven't built a PC since Haswell so I don't know how hot the stuff has or hasn't been running lol. A good CPU cooler is a solid investment regardless, will essentially last forever so long as you can mount it. It's nice that these companies supply new mounting hardware for their older products, even if at a cost.

  12. Haven’t paid much attention to my temps but they are very similar to yours if I remember correctly. Will do some testing tomorrow in the evening when I get home.

  13. Idk why but I’m so ass I can’t figure out these backwards jump walls😭

  14. The most common reason the wall breaks when you do the backwards jump walls is because your character hits their head on something above you. Thus breaking the wall. If you look closely in the video. I wall, then move to the left to avoid the lip of the roof. Keep trying yo!

  15. I tried a few times about a year ago and just gave up. Might try again as I think my movement has improved a little bit haha. Thank you for the tip

  16. Since you’re traveling with a car you can get even a 40L case if you want lol. What do you mean by “is it practical”? It’s just as practical as having to pack your suitcase and taking it with you.

  17. I’d pick the 3060 because I prefer some of the features they have but both are pretty great cards

  18. Why not? Good rig for 200+ fps in competitive games Warzone or PUBG

  19. A 5600x paired with a 3070 is adequate for this type of usage lol

  20. If it’s a gaming build then get a 12400f and a 6600XT and you can also get a b660 board because gigabyte has been unlucky with their mini itx z690 boards this year

  21. It’s next to the screw on the bottom to the right I believe.

  22. Just get the tuf. Strix is the more high end version and has more rgb lights and all that. Performance is the same tho so it’s not worth 100€ more

  23. Put the RAM in the other slot and remove the GPU, see if it boots then and use the onboard graphics on the motherboard. If that all works then install the GPU and plug in all required power cables for that.

  24. I’m sorry but this is not a good deal at all. The case sucks because it doesn’t really have any openings for air to travel through the case and cool your pc. Also buying a 5700g isn’t smart when you’re pairing it with a gpu because a 5600x will outperform it in gaming and the igpu would have no use. Why don’t you build it yourself? You can choose better quality components and customize just the way you like.

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