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  1. Yup my SE 2020 has been crashing, multiple times a week for the past month. iOS 16 has been BAD. I just installed iOS 16.4. I hope that fixes stuff.

  2. Good choice. Dad still has iOS 15, only because he’s stubborn with updates. But his iPhone works flawlessly with none of the little annoyances and issues we experience and post about here.

  3. Yup my dad's 13 is still on iOS 15, I'm glad I rolled his phone back from 16.1 to 15.6.1 while I could, because the the notification bug would have pissed him off a lot!

  4. iOS 16.3.1 has been hot mess on my SE 2020, apps freeze up then after a few minutes the whole device locks up, then the loading icon appears and then the device restarts.

  5. I saw this video that debunks Kurgezast that also touched on greenwashing. It is a huge problem.

  6. I was just wondering about this. I want to see public holidays at a glance, but most of the dots are birthdays.

  7. Mfers who high beam in city limits should be fined ₹2000/- per violation. Only that can help imo

  8. 2 days ago a brand new XL6 was in opposite direction with high beams. I was on my bike and could barely see anything(I think they upgraded the bulbs as it was unusually bright). One scooty behind me hit my bike cause the scooty dude was blinded too.

  9. Dude do not put your hand in other people’s vehicles it is a crime

  10. Hearing this now for the first time, it's hard to believe this was a 2022 song. Getting some serious early 2000s vibes!

  11. Oh ya it’s a really lovely song. It’s the credits song to the anime Spy x Family.

  12. I speculate that the SE4 will probably be something like the iPhone 13 mini… at least I hope so.

  13. The keyboard keys resonate to the music. Try to cover the keys with your hand and the rattling will stop

  14. This is something that still bothers me from time to time. I cannot believe Apple let this issue just slide by during testing.

  15. Is this your experience on an older device or one with little free storage?

  16. Honestly even if it is an older device it shouldn’t do this

  17. Still waiting for them to find a work around for the rules set by RBI in India.

  18. Lol why did they just stop accepting Indian cards lmao… Everyone else has modified their systems and are accepting Indian cards again.

  19. These are operated directly by Apple right? Will they also provide repair services at these locations?

  20. Worth remembering in this context: It is only about 0,25 % of Mac users you see in forums like this. - Forums are mostly endless lists of self inflicted problems. Precisely from those users who might have those issues you write about. - So not a good basis for making an informed decision.

  21. I do not know man, it’s not their best work.

  22. Are you on macOS Ventura if so I do not recommend using the image capture application anymore. It is very buggy. Last night, I was trying to scan some documents and it would constantly disconnect from my printer and refuse to reconnect till I restarted the application. I had to do this multiple times within a 20 minute period. It would disconnect after scanning one or two pages and the last scanned page would not get saved to the PDF.

  23. Remember Morn, and Brunt? Remember Okana?

  24. Ya lol why call back to something and do it wrong? Oh wait….

  25. I use the Spigen Liquid air on my SE and it’s been really good so far

  26. I do not recommend MacBooks to people who don’t regularly dust their computers or get food crumbs on it and close the lid with it. The MacBook screens are ridiculously weak and crack even with minor debris. I do not see this happening with PC laptops.

  27. It actually would’ve been an interesting idea to make that the cause of Discovery’s Burn 900 years into the future.

  28. It would have much better…. Centuries of unchecked warp travel has destroy interstellar travel. It would have been a very compelling story.

  29. And this is exactly why it shouldn't and will not change. I've never had an iPhone or an iOS device, but completely understand and applaud their efforts to keep consistency between platforms. Its something of a holy grail in UX, and they're achieving it. The grumblings about the new system settings being terrible have a striking resemblance to all the commentary when Big Sur came out, and then there were the comments about the notch, etc. It's drivel. For those that don't like it, ok...but how frequently are you really in System Settings? System Settings is for configuring your system. You really shouldn't need to be in there that often. I'd wager that a lot of what you're encountering is that it is unfamiliar, but given time it'll be easier to use and like Shiinzu, will make transitioning from devices like iPhone or iPad really easy.

  30. The discourse on Nagatoro is similar to the discourse on pineapple on pizza.

  31. What's the screenshot on the bottom from??? She's gorgeous I want to watch/play it lmao

  32. She is Captain Michael Burnham from the TV Show Star Trek: Discovery. Quite possibly the worst writing ever committed to paper lol. On the other hand excellent LGBT representation.

  33. Nooooo not bad writing she's so hot :((( thank you for responding though!

  34. I will point out that I watched it all liked many parts of it.

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