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  1. So, I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Canada. The most sheltered, regressive, dumb hoser vibes you can imagine.

  2. I have muchos appreciation for your thorough run down. I've considered the source and a talking breast pump seems a respectable enough source for me. Is that where you got your information?

  3. I love your flair. The spicy Spanish meltdown infused with childish tantrum she would have had over Guest would have been a divine treat 🤣🤣

  4. Me too. It's like hatred for Alec tops everything else involved here.

  5. Yes. And Mr Hutchins having an EP credit now = he & Alec are best friends and he’s evil. 😑

  6. Not only is this video weird, but who the fuck frames a photo of your 8 year-old daughter with full on makeup?

  7. He’s smart to settle. First in, first out. The guy is a lawyer. Alec is going to be broke when this is all said and done.

  8. It’s not that I want to see their children suffer … but Rich or Poor, these children are suffering, and rich or poor, will continue to suffer under her claw and his ham hand. Alec and Hilaria being tossed on their own petard, entirely victimized of their own hubris, this restores my faith.

  9. Totally. They’re suffering now, even with the money. If the family is forced into a more modest life, maybe Hillary will stop exploiting them online every minute of the day. (Or maybe she’ll be institutionalized and the children will get to go live with some non-crazy family members. I can dream.)

  10. Amen to all of this. Comments on this thread are beyond ignorant. If you think this is blood money, what do you consider years in and out of court while raising a young child and having drastically diminished income? Time is money, and you can’t ever get it back. The widower knows that better than anyone.

  11. Exactly. If I were Matthew Hutchins, I would just want to try and move forward with my life and devote my time to my son. Give him the best possible childhood he can have without his mother (I have two young sons and I teared up just typing that).

  12. he might have just wanted to put this behind him and move on instead of going through the stress of a trial.

  13. Yo who complains about nursing like it’s already a chore with a brand new baby? I loved just watching them and seeing their different facial expressions and learning about who they look like most, or just watching them because they are so beautiful..She’s that bored already 😡

  14. I cannot fucking stand all the complaining. Even if it’s meant to be part of this tongue in cheek relatable oh-so-overwhelmed mom (sorry, Mami) routine.

  15. Who nurses a newborn baby this way? Side lying with no head support for baby? Babies aren’t born experts at breastfeeding and you have to nurse them in a proper way to ensure they are getting their needs met. It’s this stuff that annoys me the most about her…bounce back bodies and breastfeeding is easy. The women you are trying to “influence” through Instagram see right through all the BS.

  16. Thank you. A newborn is just not capable of side-lying nursing in my experience and that of every mom I know. It’s always time to celebrate when you can finally use this position because it’s so much more comfortable!

  17. I work for a company that makes some "gendered" toys (as in pink and fluffy) but we SPECIFICALLY market that ANY of our toys can be used for ALL genders. We recently just released a "gender neutral" dollhouse that has "screws" on it so the kids can pretend they're building the house with the dolls and then move them in. All the photography is with a boy.

  18. That sounds really cool. My husband found an amazing dollhouse he wants to get for our son when he’s a bit older. I can’t wait!!

  19. For some reason it made me chuckle for an entire afternoon a couple months ago that her "fan" pages were arguing over who got to post a photo first of a skirt she wore in 2015. It was so ridiculous and obvious that it's led by her. I mean... an unremarkable skirt from 7 years ago, worn by a nonentity. As if it's breaking news!

  20. The fan page skirt incident 😭😭😭 I totally forgot. That was amazing.

  21. Honestly I think you nailed it. She cannot see anything without her weird sexualized lens. Yoga = “sexy poses” and “putting my hoo ha front and center but it’s okay because it’s YOGA”

  22. I guarantee you her pharmacy file is full of notes and warnings in capital letters with stars and exclamation points all over it.

  23. I can only imagine how many times one of her “childrens’ godmothers accidohnt-ally deed zee laundry weeth my pill bottohl in ze pocket of my leggingos”

  24. About four years ago the fall outfit here in the PNW, (because it rains like a mo fo here) was tall Hunters, black leggings, and a north face jacket. Alternate with Uggs. They are a classic , she's always late to the party and trying to be "trendy" to get sponsorships of things that have already been "discovered" and popularized. She has the opposite affect. Keep Hunters name out your fucking mouth Hilary

  25. Lolol she’s way too young to know the origins of that one, after all she was born in 1994!

  26. Hunter boots have been well-known for a very long time. They exploded in popularity with young women after Kate Moss wore them to Glastonbury in 2005. I worked at a yoga studio in Toronto in 2007 and all winter our employee coat room was literally just full of tall black Hunters. We had to start writing our names inside them.

  27. Alec’s high opinion of himself prevents him from seeing that he didn’t break the cycle.

  28. Ehhh, who among us didn’t waste some time with a dud when we were in our 20s?

  29. Her photoshoppped legs! Lololol. We know that bitch got some trunks.

  30. This is one of the reasons people thought she was really pregnant 🙄 Because her legs looked thicker in paparazzi photos. As if these were ever her actual legs.

  31. Back when she photoshopped the legs to sticks…she is deranged. Hahaha I just noticed the 👠 stilettos!!! Tacky bitch

  32. Oh my gosh I hadn’t clicked to see the entire photo. The shoes take it from skank to fully deranged. Also weren’t those studded heels — I wanna say Valentino, although hers are probably Jessica Simpson brand — popular in…like…2010?

  33. Alex says Hillary is the most beautiful woman on earth and we’re all just jealous 😹

  34. Don’t forget she’s also incredibly industrious. She’s one of these people who just never stops working!!

  35. The roadside "impromptu" post-killing press conference in VT when he told her to go sit in the car wasn't their finest hour.

  36. Leo’s pose looks so forced and unnatural. Look how his neck is craned because his body isn’t actually close to Larry at all. I wonder what she bribed him with to lean in and pretend he likes her.

  37. They need to be strapped in as long as possible, “here’s some food and a toy. Stay as long as possible, the nannies have 5 more kids to tend to, Mami is gone.”

  38. I've actually wondered maybe their normal is seeing these kids not smile.... and so they are just completely unaware that kids looking this miserable is not normal.

  39. Seriously. My kid was up half the night with a 104 fever and he still looks happier & healthier right now than this poor child.

  40. She tries to make Rafa as unattractive as possible w/ those haircuts she gives him. Meanwhile “Mayo” gets to have the full surfer style. It’s infuriating.

  41. Her life is one big pathological shit storm. I don't know anyone who would trade places with Hillary or Alex.

  42. Exactly. Her life is a fucking mess. Her house doesn’t even have furniture in it anymore lolol who is she kidding?

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