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The Best of the Best - This is crazy town. Hilaria Baldwin clips - created by LuckySeven

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  1. Again. This infant is sleeping. And people don’t breastfeed standing up-sheesh. What a performative narcissist

  2. Funny….Killlz lecturing me about what he wants me to do-I want to do the opposite. Shocking. Hey 👋 Peepaw! Don’t kill anymore people! How’s that? Dick.

  3. Where in the world does she find these horrid dresses?

  4. TJ Maxx. Prom collection, 1989. She never got to go ….too esthpanol to partake in US “cultura”

  5. They should scoop some grease out of the hot dog cart on his finger and slide it on…cuz the worst punishment for this asshole is a long long life with Big, Old Larry.

  6. 2. This “might” be the number you two may have actually bumped uglies. No mas, no mas 🤮

  7. I really enjoyed Kirstie in her early days, but she became a rabid Scientologist who viciously attacked Leah Remini in the press and on social media when Leah began her important work exposing their abuses.

  8. They should use that guy’s head for each and every PSA about sexual deviants. Hey Perpaw 👋-you’re literally no better than this scum bag.

  9. I do believe Alec is tortured daily. But not because Halyna died. He lost what was left of his reputation and credibility. He has fallen.

  10. Agreed-it’s killing him that any legacy or career he had (dude almost always just played nasty versions of himself) is gone. It will never be recovered, and his murdering behavior while distracted is all anyone will mention when he’s dead. Oh, and every single one of those kids will read the truth someday-and they’ll know he didn’t protect them from that monster, Big Old Larry.

  11. They should rename this award to “selfish, rich folks that have nothing better to do” -Whalec can present it to himself first, and then spread it around to these people everyone is sick to DEATH of hearing about.

  12. But did you see who the co-honoree is? Volodymyr Zelenskyy — it’s so absurd that I love it, hate it and love it again.

  13. Big Larry might actually like this, because Glenn’s mother is trans! We allllll know how desperate she is to latch on to any and all causes for her own narcissism! Ironic-she latches on like a dying dog, while none of those babies do-and never have latched onto her purchased bolt on porn puppies 🤡

  14. Yep-the other children may as well fade into oblivion with their seething anger, unhappiness and runny noses.

  15. That child looks like he is 1) too big for that seat and 2) ready to do some real damage.

  16. Jeez-I used to like Caroline Rhea. She is as deluded as these 2 plastic surgery addled spoiled whiners. Thanks again, Ready Bat! Your skills far outshine the lunacy you’ve had to endure 👏😘

  17. Look at meeeeeee!!! Cuz I have no real education or talent!! My hoooosband will pay iheart radio and people magazine to make you look at and listen to meeeeee!!!!

  18. No experience required because no one there has any! Especially the “teachers”…..would be a shame if someone went and followed this fraud’s commands and fell out a window… careful out there pepinos!

  19. “Why are you misunderstanding my background? It’s your fault I lied about it for 10 years!”

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