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What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?

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  1. Limón is the word for both but in this context that’s a lime.

  2. I had it lime at first. Lol oh well. I wasn't sure

  3. A lot of my friends do a lot of things better (including hooping) while high. It helps some people focus. Im personally not one of those people but I get it

  4. True for my sister. This is true for me and coffee. I love me some caffeine

  5. There's a saying in Serbian that says "sleep with kids, wake up pissed on"

  6. Same here. I no longer work in Irvine but I am located in OC and I really cannot leave the area due to there being so much opportunity in my line of business, Software Engineering.

  7. I can't move either. I work in medical device and OC is one of the meccas of the industry

  8. the trade demand been kind of beaten to death the last couple months.

  9. For my fellow Jim Ross fans, here’s my favourite moment of his:

  10. lmao kurt angle is the goat. man was hilarious during the attitude era

  11. Off season was getting boring This is just what the doctor ordered

  12. There are people on this sub who are genuinely irritated that some of us enjoy off season drama. It’s weird. Some guy yesterday tried to tell me to look at reality tv instead. I politely let his weirdo ass know that I will continue to enjoy NBA drama.

  13. I been saying it for years. This shit is reality TV for men

  14. what's the best degree type to set up a future career?

  15. For Pay and Flexibility: Software Engineering/Computer Science by far.

  16. 4 months of experience. You got zero leverage right now so you can't do anything about it. If you approach your manager he'll look at you sideways because they literally just hired you. I would advise against that.

  17. I’ve always found it crazy that Statistics is seen as “less important math” than Calculus. The school pipeline is clearly geared to take kids from Algebra to Trigonometry to AP Calculus. I chose AP Statistics instead and felt looked down upon, even though that’s way more useful for the average person. Not everyone is going to be an engineer.

  18. As a mechanical engineer stats is the only math I use on a day to day basis.

  19. he was playing critical minutes on a clippers team that took peak dubs to 6 games.

  20. He brings the intangibles not seen on the box score. Real gym rat, first one in last one out, scrappy and sneakily athletic. He has a cerebral read of the game.

  21. Getting a master's might make sense depending on your situation ( age, finances, ECT) getting you PE is probably the best thing to do.

  22. I'd say it depends on what industry you want to work in. Generally speaking you don't need it if you work in my industry (med device)

  23. computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering or material sciences are all great pairings with ME. All depends on what you want to do

  24. no it doesn't. I apply to companies multiple times all the time. often for different positions

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