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  1. I think you are right and the client needs to be gently educated about what , for example, your logo may be worth OUTSIDE of the rubric which involves your time spent on it.

  2. He is great- useful in a double pivot paired with a good passer. Keep his passes short.

  3. he doesnt even win balls for me . and i can dribble past him easy in online games

  4. DO NOT feel that way! Dude, I'm 59, and like 2 years ago, some scammers reeled me in slowly: job too good to be true, it was a company I knew of, but the job was in a very different industry. We did a g-meet text interview, it all felt weird AF. Finally, they wanted a pic of my ID and banking info. Thank GOD, my wife read an article about scam jobs, and this fit the description. I had fun w/ them at the end, in the last interview, I said i was naked and high. They were like, really? Finally, they ended it.

  5. That huge sigh of relief heard throughout the galaxy was from aging stars.

  6. Remember when he did something racist in congress and someone called him out for being racist and he cried these big ole bucket sized tears at the injustice of it all.

  7. Caption: these people are all impatiently waiting to say something ignorant and hateful on camera.

  8. beIN sport shouldn’t platform people who perpetuate this absolute nonsense.

  9. Now we just need two more and we'll be all set when Shredder attacks.

  10. I like him for what is is good at- accepting the ball with is back to goal and playing wingers into space. He has decent height too…

  11. Kenyan = marathonian, a French (and probably lots of other places) cliché. He is saying he runs a lot compared to them if you want the full explanation

  12. “Hello, how much does it cost to get fuck u Ronald engraved in something?”

  13. Do I gain bonus by training the same player?

  14. Get a third and trade it. Or convert one to a trainer and feed the remaining card.

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