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  1. I am using a gaggia clasic pro with a vst 18 gram basket and a mignon grinder. When grinding on the preset espresso setting my shot time is less than 10 secs 36 grams. I need to go all the way down to turkish grind setting to prolong the shot time to a maximum of 20 seconds. Is this because the machine is running on higher than 9 bars or am I doing something wrong like tamping unevenly? Any suggestions much appreciated

  2. That's more or less how it worked for me. I mentioned to my PCP (Kaiser Permanente) that I was dealing with some anxiety and depression during an annual checkup. She set me up with the mental health services. In my 2nd appointment I brought up how I thought that I may have ADHD. Therapy was going okay, but about a month later I felt like a diagnosis would help me get medication which could alleviate some symptoms.

  3. I am abusing caffeine during the day and microdose on cannabis before sleep for 10+ years and I dont have the mental power to quit either.

  4. I was gifted these ridiculously huge centuries old olive trees and I plan on transplanting them in my garden. I did not find online info for transplanting so old trees. Some articles suggest blowing air on the roots but to my amateur knowledge that will be removing the symbiotic mycorrhiza that help roots absorb nutrients. Also the soil they ve been living for centuries is a white nutrient deficient type of clay where in my garden is more rich brown soil will they be able to handle the change? I REALLY dont want to kill one during transplanting that would feel like committing a crime

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