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  1. E.T.—not only did it affect me emotionally as a kid, the impact it left actually, literally, allowed me to go to college. Let me explain!

  2. Five year old me watched ET on repeat. Sounds like you’re a cool person.

  3. I absolutely adore this film. Such a great atmosphere, brilliant and unique setting, and some great performances from Danny Huston, Josh Hartnett and Melissa George.

  4. See, I’d love for someone to change my view on this movie—I watched it in the theater but was right away thrown off by the thought: you’re a group of vampires who have found the perfect hunting ground, and instead of taking your time and treating the place like a livestock pen for a month, you IMMEDIATELY, first night, raid the place in the loudest, most destructive way possible and kill 95% of the “livestock”. Like—you’ve just rendered the point of this great location you’ve found-and the unique premise of the movie—entirely useless. Why not just attack any random relatively isolated town in one night if that’s what you’re going to do?

  5. I think “every action/disaster movie in the 90s” is the answer here.

  6. Just out of curiosity - why a day at Disney Springs and not an extra evening at a park? If it's cost savings (because that would be like $200/person or something), totally understandable! If not, I'd recommend trying to hit one of the parks that night. Disney Springs has great restaurants (and my favorite bar in the world, Jock Lindsey's), but it's essentially a giant outdoor mall. If that's what you're going for, great! But just want to make sure expectations are set.

  7. Jesus Camp—especially because what they said was going to happen at the end is slowly but surely coming true…

  8. It depends on your definition of relaxing! But if that’s your goal then don’t prioritize hitting every ride in every park, because doing so requires immense amounts of planning/running around/stress.

  9. If the costs of paying out the required royalties are worth it, I can see them releasing it. But the data likely does not support a wide release of physical media due to the additional costs associated with doing that. If anything, most likely is we'll get it on Disney + to celebrate the movie so they can add to the "Indiana Jones Collection" tab they'll inevitably make.

  10. That’s from Wii Play—the fishing part of the game! Used to love to play that with my wife.

  11. There’s actually a good amount of not-appropriate sexy talk that was casually used in the 80s/90s in this one. Not sure if it’s appropriate for an 11 year old. Plus it’s very firmly about men struggling with midlife crises so an 11 year old’s mileage on it is probably pretty short.

  12. Avatar was popular because of it's groundbreaking (at the time) CGI and visuals. The plot was really basic and I haven't seen anyone argue otherwise.

  13. The movies are popular BECAUSE the plot and characters are so simple and familiar. The majority of people don’t want complex character development or twists on seemingly familiar tropes. They want what they know—it’s comforting. Entertainment, ultimately, should be fun and comforting, and that’s what the most popular movies are.

  14. If you go into Movies Anywhere settings you can view your entire Transaction History which will show the date and service used when it first appeared in Movies Anywhere.

  15. Another great tip—this is why I love Reddit!! However I checked and it’s not there at all! I KNOW I had a digital copy because when it was not available on Disney +, I wanted to show my son and I simply went to MA and we watched it that way. Multiple times. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

  16. A good indication if there is or has been a code for a movie is by going to Vudu in a web browser and seeing if there is a redeem button for the movie. 99% of the time if there isn’t one then there was never a code for the movie. You do get that rare oddball, but the code for that was usually some sort of promotional code that can only be redeemed through a certain retailer.

  17. Very helpful, thank you. I was going to dig out the blu ray, which defeats the entire purpose of owning it digitally, but I digress. Bottom line is I definitely owned it at one point and now it’s nowhere to be seen. Super weird.

  18. One of the biggest issues with the remakes were that the originals all generally had really tight and efficient scripts. The remakes all had to justify their existence, and therefore added unnecessary elements to pad it out.

  19. They were also all chasing the tail of the fluke success of Alice in Wonderland. That movie was Disney trying a few things at once, but partially what they were trying to do was make a 3D-justification movie in the wake of Avatar’s success. Simply because 3D, by its very nature, equals more box office (the tickets cost more).

  20. I really want to go here next time I go to Disney World. It was open the first time I went and I was excited to go there but I didn't drink back then and I felt odd about going in and just standing around

  21. Had no idea they did food too. I'll definitely be going in next time. I don't know if they still do those cool in-universe coasters I've seen online but I really want to pick some up if they do them

  22. Yeah and the food is themed too! I got like Hovitos Empanadas or something. You can also get the souvenir cups with nothing in them to take home. It’s my favorite bar in the world.

  23. I THINK it's fine, but I'm not a lawyer. I'd say do some googling to make sure, but it shouldn't be a problem.

  24. Not an attorney but unless it’s specifically about Spielberg—meaning biographical information and discussion—then his name shouldn’t be used. You’re essentially creating a product that implies his involvement/participation/approval (“Implied Endorsement”) without permission and that is not allowed. Even a biographical podcast using his actual name isn’t advisable though you’d have the beginnings of an argument for Fair Use in that case. And Fair Use is an argument, not an allowance to use whatever you deem necessary (that would be for a judge to determine at which point your argument would have to stand up to scrutiny).

  25. The movie "The Eagle" that stars Channing Tatum.

  26. Movie that I loved as a kid that I’m still in shock did not work for me as an adult: The Goonies. I guess it’s made for kids and as a kid I loved it so it’s successful in that sense, but my god it’s a mess. Even for a story about a pirate ship inexplicably in Oregon its internal logic is nonexistent and nobody acts like actual human beings (except Mouth).

  27. There is a basis for potential treasure on the Oregon coast,

  28. I actually have to agree with Lady in the Water. I think that was before Shyamalan’s Guaranteed Train Wreck status (I actually like The Village) and my friend really wanted to see it. I’m still mad at him about it.

  29. All of the Star Wars movies—especially the prequel trilogy—are about politics. Palpatine’s rise (and eventual return) to power starts with manipulation of ideologies and twisting good intentions into bad. “Endless war” justified by spreading fear, etc. The sequel series is even about how when we forget the lessons of and connections to the past, the old evils will come roaring right back and only through working together despite our differences and making up our own minds can we win.

  30. You see, the digital rights for a movie are like a flower. You cannot force upon the petals of a flower. When the flower is ready, it opens up its petals to you.

  31. When do you think iTunes will open the movie’s digital rights to you?

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