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  1. You have discovered the golden duck!!!! But it will only spit out lead eggs not golden ones

  2. I don't own a tesla - but I've been told they're kind of sucky. They obviously have good tech but the car itself isn't that great. Can't speak from experience but have heard that from a few different people.

  3. Have these people you hurd from driven and repaired a Ford???

  4. Since 23&me is at 3.24 I presume this was a while back.... since your cost was 9sumpon

  5. Making me chuckle a little... the reverse happened at the high zone.. not much to justify a long in here yet certainly not just because of a candlestick

  6. We don't invest client holdings we just spend them on myself

  7. These indices are tradable around the clock which is why fx brokers offer them

  8. Where are they operating and what regulatory authority

  9. I suspect a lot of the cheerleaders are just to keep it relevant to encourage new comers to check it out. Even the detractors serve the same purpose.

  10. So.... you would like an extra POW to beat the evil 1 boss?

  11. Also other currencies has some news like euro, to minimize the news I can try to trade some pair pegged to gold like AUD, is it a good idea?

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