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  1. Damn I dad this tattoo saved that I really liked and the artwork from the artist was really nice. I believe the person deactivated their account.

  2. You guys got dates? I came in as a second year, no one would really talk to me because their core friend groups had already been formed on year one (dorms)

  3. Well my dude you have to put yourself out there. I did that for my last year and it made things better. Most people are chill and don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t go well the fist time.

  4. For me it’s the opposite lol. But definitely working on getting myself in a better position.

  5. Not moving on and getting the hint that they aren’t into you

  6. I’d redo the whole world and not kill Gat. Like Steelport wouldn’t be bad as a district but as a map it feels really dead and depressing compared to SR2. Also maybe incorporating Steelport and Stillwater into one map.

  7. Ohh yeah that seems cool. I have to deal with a long flight but I definitely see myself going there after getting my top 3 out of the way. The nature there looks nice. Another plus is that English is the main language.

  8. I feel that if there is a divorce. Both parents should keep their personal problems away from their children to a certain extent.

  9. I have a friend. This 23 year old 5'2" super innocent looking gal. She is big into raves and got her whole face covered in these. You faintly see them when she has no makeup on if you are trying to look for them. Black light comes on and she has like a dagger going down her cheek and idk other stuff I can't recall.

  10. I tried it once because I genuinely got along with the person. That time it didn’t work out. But I feel it might’ve if a couple things were handled differently.

  11. When people say that I think they are still stuck in 2015 humor lol

  12. Middle of SoCal and yeah it was my worst day today

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