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  1. Unless you can use commands to remove them you’re probably going to need a new base

  2. Actually to watch how many people are outrages by a biologic fact they don't understand + compare Obama to Monkeys themselves. Just because Humans are primates doesn't mean Obama is a monkey.

  3. I came here to post an article without context, as it's required.

  4. Yeah, when I first started someone invited me to a tribe. Being new I accepted and minutes later they booted me from the tribe and now owned everything that was not on me at the time, including my base. When I asked about it I was told it was my fault for trusting them. Tribe of 1 ever since.

  5. Dam that's shit as what ass holes to lazy to get there own shit just gotta take everyone else's

  6. 211 1st in 970 top 4’s, so a little over 1 to 5 ratio

  7. Stop beating around the bush. Trump absolutely did felony obstruct. Anyone else would have been tossed under the jail. Come on.

  8. More likely than not is the legal standard applied as required in the case. It’s not just the judge saying they think maybe a crime happened.

  9. This a ruling saying that Eastman has to turn over documents, at least one of which the judge ruled wouldn’t be protected by attorney client privilege because it was more likely than not in furtherance of a crime. What ruling did you want? It’s not like this judge just gets to decide the whole case right then.

  10. Did anyone here actually listen to any of the hearing with Cruz? I'm Australian and indifferent to this crap; but this opinion piece looks like the writing of a child. 'White grievance'? Race had no play in this at all. Cruz was pushy and obnoxious but was still grilling a new supreme Court judge. I heard no screaming, however he did raise his voice.

  11. Judge Brown is in the mainstream of n the sentencing of child porn cases, which is what they’re actually going after her for. Federal judges, conservative and liberal, usually deviate from those guidelines in this way, including judges that these very people supported. They either knew this when supporting them or only started caring when this particular woman came up. So is this a gross political game they’re playing or did they only now start caring if sex abuse was properly punished and will they be holding judges of their own party to this standard?

  12. I hope not. I have to live here for work.

  13. Why isn’t he in jail for the whole wanting to kill all the liberals thing?

  14. He’s from Eastern Washington. His manifesto didn’t even cost him his job.

  15. If a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs, and birds evolved from dinosaurs, why are there still birds? Think about it.

  16. Blue Washington is a long way from Idaho. Nearest clinic to Idaho is in Kennewick

  17. Is there not one in Spokane? That’s like a half hour from the border

  18. How do you make that determination without investigation? Are you saying miscarriage should involve criminal investigation?

  19. I know this is gonna sound weird, but I promise this is real. There are studies showing that Viagra can help treat dogs with this condition. I was just reading about it the other day. Something to consider.

  20. Thank you so much for this info! We’re going into the vet on Monday So he can see how she is progressing and I will ask him about this.

  21. What if the first card with the 1/5 chance was Lightning Bloom? Then why would the probability increase with the other 2 cards?

  22. Wouldn’t it only be three 1 in 5 chances if you could get the same card more than once? If card 1 is not bloom, card 2 can only be 4 other cards.

  23. That’s when I look at what I’m playing vs what I’ve run into, and compare it to what the matchup looks like on data aggregation sites like hs replay. If my Winrate in those matchups is roughly in line with the data that’s a sign I’m playing the wrong deck for my pocket meta and I pick something to target what I’m seeing. If my Winrate are lower than the data I may be playing the deck wrong and look at my replays or go read a write up about the deck I want to use. Last month I was seeing a lot of pirate warriors and mechathun warlocks so I went with hakkar/linecracker Druid. Got my first ever 11 star that way.

  24. Some games you won’t be able to do the full line cracker combo. You shuffle jades to prevent drawing the corrupted blood. It’s also a secondary win condition if your hakkar gets polymorphed or eaten by mutanus.

  25. You can do something like that here too, or try out kazakusan if you’d prefer. I haven’t tried it with this list so I don’t know how it would go

  26. Yea but I can’t produce enough fart to get ‘em to evacuate the ship, can I?

  27. Just over 1/3 (35.8%) of my games were against those two decks last season. I didn’t record many games in January, but that’s roughly in line with my numbers from December 2021 (32%).

  28. Here’s a version I’ve been working on since the miniset dropped. Technically it’s an albatross deck not a weasel deck, but the concept is there

  29. Their example says 3k monthly already, so that’s 36k annual. That’s gonna be about 50% of your take home on 100k in places like New York.

  30. Some of the ramp cards don’t work if you have 10+ mana. Breath of dreams I think was one example.

  31. Also, just another piece of anecdotal evidence: my best friend of 20+ years was laid off at the beginning of covid, went through some serious bouts of depression not able to find new work, and took his own life. He was stuck at home alone during lockdowns. Is that a slight inconvenience to you? Take a minute to take a deep breath next time you want to call someone names, ok?

  32. They said wearing a mask was a slight inconvenience. You pretended mask mandates caused inflation and caused your friend to kill themself. Maybe it’s you that should take a breath.

  33. I recently started playing again and I’m shocked they created the pirate quest. Each of those quests should be increased by 1-2 and the reward shouldn’t be what it is. I’ve literally Never beaten that deck.

  34. I have something like an 80% win-rate against pwar this season using Hakkar druid. It’s definitely a beatable deck.

  35. Again I will go back to his original statement when looking for candidates which was to only look for black candidates, again making it the primary criteria by which he based his decision off of. Yet democrats see no issue with his blatant racism over the past few years, and give him a free pass.

  36. Weird. Most black women in America arent judges. If his primary criteria was black woman it’s amazing the nominee is somehow not only a judge, but a well qualified one. Guess that’s was just random luck in your eyes?

  37. Oh I think her as a nominee would be fine, again I go to what the president said which was he was basing his decision primarily off of skin color when he started the process. Why do you all get into a fuss when I point out exactly what the president said?

  38. Lol these people want you dead for just being an atheist. It's getting pretty wild.

  39. Good ol’ Spokane. It’s like 30 min from Idaho if that tells you anything.

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