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  1. (when I was a teenager) my mum saying it's slutty of me to sleep on a bed without bedding?!? (I was super tired so I didn't want to make the bed and just wanted to sleep in my sleeping bag)

  2. As someone who's Pixel has made them late to work many times, be afraid, be very afraid.

  3. Is it a concious thing you think of as you meet people, or reflective?

  4. It's not conscious, just how my brain and body works :)

  5. Maybe I'm going to discover something about myself here but...

  6. Sexual attraction = thinking people are sexy ☺️ (in my opinion) I hope this helps!

  7. They're not exposed to air. Glue is stuff dissolved in a solvent. Once you expose it to air the solvent evaporates and the stuff is left behind and bonds together.

  8. But like, as you use it, isn't there more air in the tube?

  9. Badly written though. The single strokes should be vertical

  10. It's common for Japanese t-shirts to have the Katakana's elongation strokes written horizontally and not vertically as in traditional Japanese.

  11. Agree to disagree. I agree if it's written horizontally, but I don't think this is the case vertically. The stokes looks like kanji on first glance, so it should be vertical imo.

  12. Trypophobia warning needed maybe?:)

  13. What is this material in the video tho

  14. Hunter's Lodge hands down. You get the best Blast Sling and Ropecaster. Also I met Talanah which is the greatest gift of all.

  15. Then you'll probably not be best impressed that I completely skipped it in all of my playthroughs XD

  16. The rainbow connection one (online) is great!!

  17. I like the dialogue when she gets out of the water, complaining how she'll have to dry off now. Its like sass towards you on how you made her swim.

  18. Do you have any recordings or quotes you can share on the hair thing? I've never noticed that XD

  19. Dystopia by Femme Fatale is a very close match

  20. Dystopia (Right) by Femme Fatale (rainbow connection exclusive) came before Existential Crisis (left) by Holo Taco. I think they're pretty similar - although possibly right is a bit more purply. What do you think?

  21. I've got you know or whatever it is from gauntlet runs

  22. Yeah I really hate it when it suddenly changes like that!

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