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Here is my rendition of Chris Hemsworth in The Sims 4.

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AITA for putting our nanny on the family membership instead of my wife?

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  1. I tried the RAI (having grown up with 4kids) but the audio quality literally hurts my ears

  2. update: mods are working (hadnt turned scripted on too). Thanks for all your help, will try moving cc into the mods folder!

  3. do you have the resource file in your mods folder? also mods cannot be multiple folders deep

  4. Yeah I do have the resource file in the folder, is that bad lol

  5. The life decider mod from kawaiistaci is great also. It gives NPCs random skills and traits and joblevels, so they are note useful in the world

  6. Whims are things your sim wants to do, if you complete it you get points to spend toward rewards like traits or potions. Moodlets are what happens when your sim is feeling a particular way for example: a sim who has a romantic moodlet will become flirty. There are multiple moodlets for multiple emotions. And some will interact with each other to buff up the mood. "Nicely decorated " is one that will buff up the good moods like happy, inspired, flirty.

  7. Queuing doesnt really work for me in TS4 (I've come back to the sims after a while, i.e. last time I played TS3 was new haha), it just cancels the previous action?

  8. Spouse and I share an air purifier for our various smelly chemical hobbies. Would probably also help with nail polish smells too. You can get a small one fairly inexpensively.

  9. thanks for the tip! Any recs for a low budget one? (Preferably UK based)

  10. Didn't PC almost hit him with her car? That reaction everyone keeps talking about could be him being startled by that.

  11. Totally agree with this, was looking for this comment!

  12. You're right, and I went through a phase of editing the Bojack wiki to try and prove this point (it seems fellow editors didn't agree). It is all about Bojack's perception, which is warped by his insecurity.

  13. I recently rewatched this ep, and I swear that the number of freckles on Kevin's face keeps changing...

  14. The base color for this is Lake by Zoya, and then the speckles are Tieran by Zoya, Pumpkin and Crake by Olive Ave Polish, and Urbanized by Cirque Colors. I used a little nail art brush to free hand the speckles on.

  15. Nick DiRamio has some good insight too!

  16. I mean you answered your own question XD there will always be people who react with different levels of intensity, doesn't mean their general points aren't valid :) both sides can have valid points at the same time, just as people can have different opinions on the same film at the same time with both being valid.

  17. Yeah but a lot of ppl seem to think that if you have criticism against someone it means you're abusing them or hating on them. A lot of the times ppl think it's bad to not agree with everything your favourite creator does or says.

  18. I agree, to me it seemed like the comments were trying to educate (on the main) rather than cancel. It's a bit baffling to me that some people are saying that, in response to the comments, people think that the commenters are mad because he doesn't like the film?!

  19. I agree with literally everything you just said. I hate seeing how easily people get offended if Dylan doesn’t like a movie or doesn’t agree that the concept behind it made it better.

  20. Interesting, my perception wasn't that the comments were about him not liking it, but rather that he kind of missed part of the perspective on why its scary (or at least, is to a group of people)

  21. I think people need to understand that it's not the concept that Dylan is disliking, but the delivery of this concept to the audience.

  22. Totally agree, perhaps it could have done with a more serious commentary at the end or something.

  23. Hmm, what is it that bothers you about driving her around? If she offered to pay gas would it be different? I have to drive my boyfriend around because he has epilepsy and can’t drive because of it

  24. difficult, I understand the logic if the nanny is going to use the slot but you should have talked to your wife about it first, sounds like she might be feelinng guilty about not havingg as much time for family

  25. really NTA, it pisses me right off when there's family drama and the 'victim' (for want of a better word) gets told to make up just because they've done something to protect themself

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