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Supreme Court rules on EPA's authority to regulate power plants' greenhouse gas emissions

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. Tehran is actually much cleaner and nicer than the vast majority of American cities.

  2. People throw more trash but because of cheap labor city has hired thousands of workers to clean. That's why it's clean.

  3. Has anyone tried generating memes from Google's Pasti ? it's capable of generating text so I bet we could get some decent memes from it isn't

  4. I think if OpenAI trained on bigger model they could have solved text problems. In the Google paper text got better with increasing model size.

  5. Ahh yes let me bike to work when it's -15F out you're so smart

  6. Youtube subreddit removed a post about this.

  7. According to ourworldindata It's 1% but passenger vehicles is 11%.

  8. Now Local elections is more important than ever. I don't think Supreme court has power over bike lanes [yet].

  9. Use Bing video search. It's actually good. Try it.

  10. I mean it's real. You need to know Persian though.

  11. not true, the ultra rich rely on helicopters to bypass traffic xD

  12. Elon musk used to rely on private jets before moving to Texas.

  13. They still acknowledge Reagan being a saint, but leave out the fact that many of his policies would ostracize him from the party today. Just the fact that Reagan gave millions of immigrants amnesty would make him a pariah today.

  14. Maybe he was more of a Libertarian than a conservative?

  15. Europe needs to sanction both Russia and USA. It's the only way.

  16. SCOTUS dropping bombs galore the past 2 weeks. Seems like they might want to shift the focus away from the Jan 6 headlines.

  17. Not an American. Did sth happen two weeks ago that they started this new wave of rulings?

  18. Then what do you propose that's better than green spaces?

  19. Plant more trees and reduce surface parking lots and roads. I don't know with comments. They believe everyone can and should leave the places they want to live. What are their suggestions for middle east, Africa, India and Pakistan.

  20. Mass exodus from Vegas and just leave it rot away as a warning about man's hubris?

  21. Are you suggesting billions of people leave their cities too because it's too hot and we shouldn't build parks in cities?

  22. Same as my office. 40 employees, 28 desks. 4 parking spaces.

  23. Good. Parking lots are from past.

  24. At first i thought it is photoshopped. Then I web searched it.

  25. Apparently they added couple of roads to this one. It's shit though.

  26. "Two woman by Mahmoud Farshchian"

  27. Exact prompt returned a 'content policy violation'...

  28. Thanks. If you don't mind can you try these instead.

  29. I feel bad for the people who invented things like this.

  30. There are already roads. Sidewalks are for pedestrians.

  31. Autonomous vehicles should use roads small or not.

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