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  1. 24 hour news cycle. Press has moved on. For now.

  2. She won this for L.A. Confidential. She developed a huge crush on Russell Crowe while filming it to Aleek’s dismay.

  3. Russell Crowe was smoking hot in that movie.

  4. They certainly aren’t visiting any time soon - can you imagine traveling internationally with 7 children under the age of 10.

  5. If she had photos of her time in Spain growing up, you just know she would have posted them by now.

  6. Alec should be so proud of the way he went along with having his wife go in front of the cameras to give her cuckoo bird speech to the press so he could make his quick getaway. Now there's a man without balls.

  7. And using one of his children in that little stunt. There is a whiff of Billy Zane’s character on “Titanic”, about the whole thing.

  8. She’s going to reveal the things he taught her on the same day she explains the story of ML’s arrival.

  9. Apparently she did explain ML arrival on the podcast...I had a few Pepinos explain it to me because I refuse to listen and I also tried to read ReadyBat's recap but I'm still confused on wtf happened with ML and why she was a surrogate baby.

  10. I listened to that podcast just to hear her explanation. She admits ML was born to a surrogate. That’s all she says. No explanation as to why they hired a surrogate when Hillary was already pregnant. Looking at the timing of their births it’s quite obvious ML was born to a surrogate. So she really didn’t explain a thing.

  11. She had really sketchy stuff going on with number seven. She pretended to look like she was in a hospital gown doing the glucose test but it was really suspect. It was in a Dixie cup and it was orange It was just really weird like she grabbed a Sunkist in the waiting room. While she was waiting on Botox. You know she would be showing her ultrasound if it said her name. I think she has very little contact to prove that she gave birth.

  12. Do they give the glucose test out of a Dixie cup? Mine were in a glass bottle - although, admittedly I took them ages ago.

  13. It was actually a very interesting discussion about how all of us did it but hers was still suspect. 🚩🚩🚩🚩👀

  14. I just asked my daughter, who had a baby last year. She said she drank it out of a bottle.

  15. I’m impressed at the number of popcorn gifs out there!

  16. Mental health problems are not your fault. However, it is your responsibility to treat it.

  17. Her interior filter is severely damaged. This is something you say to your spouse privately. You do not blast it out on IG in order to garner praise for being a supportive spouse.

  18. As someone who has worn glasses for the majority of my life, I hate when people use them as props.

  19. Dumb question - what are ankle straps?

  20. She’s going to come back acting like nothing happened.

  21. The surprise may come from her still doing it after being outed 2 years ago.

  22. Does this mean Hillary is going to have to attend the trial?

  23. If these photos are to be believed (and the many others out there not in this slide show) her nipples are all over the place.

  24. If you’re gonna wear Pop-Pop sandals Alec, do us all a favor and get a pedicure first.

  25. Her legs are looking a lot different from the hallway selfies she posts!

  26. No she’s not. She’s going after Hillary for one reason - Hillary is Alec’s wife, and the MAGA folks hate him for his Trump impersonation.

  27. Hillary is going to struggle with this article. On the one hand they roast her over an open flame. On the other hand they give her age as 37. She’s 39.

  28. She never gave a cohesive explanation on why they hired a surrogate when she was already pregnant.

  29. If ever an outfit deserved the old Joan Rivers show “Fashion Police” treatment, it’s this one.

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