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  1. You are right, but by accepting it, you can't cope with that, you still need a person who bring you out from this loneliness.

  2. A lot of people here have bf/gf, spouse, kids, but still feel lonely. So there's no escape

  3. Me too. I've done that too. I felt like, what's the point of writing a lot of texts, no one cares

  4. It doesn't exist. Never had a girlfriend, never had any girl close to me

  5. I've tried to search my name back then, long time ago before my name the first thing comes up, it suggested a name of a place in Russia, but I'm not a Russian. I don't think anyone could guess, it's not a common name, it's a local name and kinda uncommon

  6. I can't answer that now, but I'm sure it will happen soon, really soon

  7. Eating snacks or reading magazine. I don't know how to get physical magazine at my place nowadays, and I think it would be expensive

  8. Move out from this town, buy a car, a small house, and build my own small business

  9. Do whatever u want, don't hesitate, don't care about people, no one cares about u

  10. I think most people feel connection with people around their age. I'm 24, I've tried to talk to early teenagers , like 13, 14, 15, and it feels really weird for me

  11. They are kids 😂 It's ok if I talk with kids.

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