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  1. Lol. I meant on how to remove it. I need to remove it so I can replace the frame around it.

  2. It is very annoying! I found that this is caused by using your phone as you're entering your car (I have a 2022 Elantra) I'm planning to go to the dealer and see if they can update the firmware.

  3. The movie has a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. So you're watching it with the intended aspect ratio.

  4. How do you like them? Quality?

  5. I'm interested in this, you still selling?

  6. Hey! Yes, this is still available.

  7. Davinchi Resolve has film emulation built into the 17.4 release.


  9. Nice! Really like the 2nd picture.

  10. This industry is all about who you know. I’ll be honest, having no on set experience/resume will make it tough to land a gig. You will more than likely be working on non-union shoots with a daily rate (12 hours) of $215-225 or a little higher.

  11. Can I ask how much was your total including the fees and taxes? The dealerships Ive been too have been giving me prices way over MSRP.

  12. The first dealer I went to was charging $10,000 over MSRP…….Went to a second dealer and they charged me $2000 over MSRP.

  13. Idea: Remove the sticker from you AVR

  14. Please refer to the megathreads for weekly episode discussions. The spoiler restrictions & independent discussion thread restrictions will likely be lifted after one week.

  15. I posted this image to specifically talk about this moment and share my excitement with others.

  16. That’s like asking why the chef doesn’t also deliver the food. Sure they could, but it’s a pretty inefficient way to run a restaurant. It’s about division of labor. Let the UPM focus on the overall logistics, and let the AD focus on how to accomplish the creative and manage the clock, so the UPM can focus on the next day’s problems.

  17. A wild shiny DOLPHIN appeared!

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