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First sober show in 25 years of Phish

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Mr. Perfectly Fine: Taylor's Version

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  1. same.. considering changing my name now !!!

  2. congrats!! Thursday Dick’s was my first (California) sober show and I had a blast 😁

  3. some aggressive tarper with his arms folded before set one got in my face. mind you I’m a 5’2 female who was alone and looking for a friend. I was highly disappointed to have a run in with a phan like that.

  4. the intercom in the park didn’t turn back on until after it ate the inflatable

  5. I dunno about everyone else, but I love that perfect rainbow in the background

  6. Is it Veneta? i have no idea and would love to know. It is a great tat. beautiful work

  7. It is! The only thing I told the artist was no text or rainbow l, creative freedom otherwise.

  8. we have an incredible sober bar in Denver called Awake. I’d check them out.

  9. My boyfriend and I make our monthly Somebody People restaurant a non negotiable priority. It’s our favorite spot in all of Denver.

  10. If the cat takes swipes at kids, then he's absolutely welcome at my brewery.

  11. we just went to a shelter and asked for a "working cat"... she does a good job and now she's fat.

  12. “My main priority right now is my overall health and wellness.. and alcohol just doesn’t align with my goals.”

  13. This happened to my brewery last year. They are very good at doing this and know how to catch a weeded bartender at the right time.. I know this because it’s me who’s on probation for a year.

  14. Nothing happens to the MOD. Ticket goes to the person serving and exchanging money.

  15. Just got some today so funny to see that this was a recent post! I got the citra hopped one!

  16. Started 18:6 for the first time ever January 13th and down 6lbs! Only 7lbs to go to my goal of 135lbs!! So thankful I started this journey 💪🏻

  17. well, people suck, they went from $47 to $450...

  18. Okay. Are we getting Speak Now??? She did pick purple for the post.. “Drop Everything Now”, “call you MINE”...

  19. I’m 15 allowing the lyrics of Fifteen go wayyyyy over my head.

  20. Fifteen. I was 15 when Fearless came out and that song was way over my head haha

  21. Fifteen is KILLING ME. In 2008 I was 15, I’m crying, man.

  22. I thought their son’s name was Andrew?

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