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  1. I wish y’all had a player I liked enough to buy a jersey for cuz those cherry blossom jerseys go hard

  2. It's cringeworthy reading comments that the poster thinks is legitimately funny

  3. Did the heat not make the finals a couple years ago with Kendrick Nunn as their 4th best player?

  4. I would say the 4 best players of that run were Butler, Adebayo, Herro, and Dragic, but Nunn was important regardless

  5. So I was wrong before. We're getting TWO new courts this year along with the uniforms. That's crazy

  6. down 2-1, KD goes for 41 with 17 points in the 4th quarter was incredible to watch. that was against the 67 win Spurs team too who had the #1 defense

  7. That Spurs team is so underrated. 67 wins and doesn't even get number 1 in their conference? That's crazy.

  8. Since we're getting a new court for the cherry blossom ones I don't think we'd be getting another one for these.

  9. Huge kudos for Youngkin for speaking up!

  10. Fuck Youngkin bruh he's just Trump lite when his whole campaign was him saying that he wants to distance himself from Trump.

  11. I thought one needed like 40k minimum to be justgetting by in nova with insurance, food housing, car, retirement, gas, etc. am I wrong?

  12. Depends on where in nova you live, what car you got, family situation, etc. One person living in an apartment somewhere can do well for themself on a lower salary than other people in nova

  13. Boss fights could be evil team leaders, legendary Pokémon, champion, etc.

  14. After all this years im still mad that we didn't fight Lusamine herself.

  15. It wouldn't make sense given Lusamine's character. Why would she be willing to put her ultra beasts in danger?

  16. He's quite literally the best defender on our team and that's not even what he was praised for going into the draft.

  17. Of all possible players to choose they go with fucking Lonzo Balls

  18. I really don't understand this narrative for any player. Can the "GOAT" not have any one of his teammates succeed at all? If one of their teammates plays well, why is that a BAD thing?

  19. This sub will downvote you into oblivion for acknowledging that. Think about it though: Lebron has only made it past the first round once in the last 4 years

  20. A circlejerker calling out a overused joke is something different

  21. You can count Gafford in our young core. That doesn't make it much better tho. Unless Deni or Rui put it all together (they've shown flashes but nothing too consistent), we're the worst by far

  22. Maybe not. It actually looked like mango lassi.

  23. I love mango lassi but sometimes there's too much cardamom in it

  24. Old but still viable Paul Milsap? He played for Utah from 2006-2013

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