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  1. Never heard of them, but after listening to them on Spotify, going to look up more of their stuff. Their sound is right up my alley. Possibly Mumford & sons, Damien Rice and Jack Saviretti are similar.

  2. I don’t know those last 2 but I’ll check them out, thanks!

  3. I have no intention to be involved in the medical system unless it's an absolute emergency. No shots, no cancer screenings, no "wellness checks", no physicals, medication, etc. I probably shouldn't even buy health insurance. It's a waste.

  4. With you on this one. Also sceptical of the dental industry.

  5. Yeah he’s in a mood or sum but everything he said is true just keep at it, it’s possible and you can do it

  6. True. You were being downvoted. Let’s just add to the chat that it’s best to break them off or cut them above ground to preserve the roots and get repeated crop.

  7. Why would you think so. It's a great city to raise your kids.

  8. Agreed. Lived here on/off for 20+ years. Decided to have only 1 child and can’t imagine yo live anywhere else.

  9. I spent 7 years in NZ following my partner and I would never advise anyone to live there unless your ready to die or willing to sacrifice everything in order to give your child an extraordinary upbringing. Education level is very high. Life is too expensive for the relatively low salaries. Tall poppy syndrome is a drag. Nothing happens ever. I may return when I’m in my elderly stages but I moved to London and I have no plans to go back.

  10. I’ve spent 6 years in NZ and found it quite hard. Being European, I missed the culture/history/diversity, it was really hard to make friend. Returned back to London 15 years ago and never looked back. London is my home now and I pictured myself growing old here… but again I have an escape plan if needed which includes plot of land and a property in EE so I’m quite lucky to have options.

  11. This is extremely unscientific and downright disgusting!!!

  12. Very fair question. This seems to invite the Cov more often…

  13. Yeah exactly..My mates had terrible colds lasting for minimum 2 weeks after they got vaxxed..

  14. My colleagues (all early 20’s to mid 30’s) are sick non stop. 1 week on 2 weeks off. And repeat.

  15. I somewhat agree, but a lot of people here are still on the COVID bandwagon, they've become somewhat of a minority, but there's still constant reminders everywhere, advertisements, old "mask required" signs, a few people still masking and many more still salty about unvaxxed bashing around. It's getting better, but we're not completely there yet, and I still have a horrible feeling it's going to get worse again before it gets better.

  16. It’s def changing. I’ve been spreading the awareness discreetly from the beginning. More people question the narrative. A year ago, I would be the lone mask-less individual on the morning tube. I love seeing the faces again and the crazy-eyed-masked ones are thank fuck more and more rare. I hope we won’t regress.

  17. Yeah we've definitely made a lot of progress, I'm just concerned all it'll take to undo it all is a strong media campaign from the government. Luckily I think in part due to all the political controversy recently the government may be too weak to pull this off at the moment, but it doesn't mean they won't try it again eventually.

  18. Yikes ( to the pop up vax center at a festival) My local SW center seems to be either completely empty or having groups of parents +kids sitting and waiting. Very concerning. Certainly minorities are there more often then others.

  19. Substantially more than 91% of the population are at least triple-vaxxed.

  20. Saw her in London this June. My third concert. (2008 and 2012). She was incredible. If I could go tomorrow again, I would! Such a nostalgic night. I love my 90’s.

  21. That looks awesome. Can anyone tell me the merch situation? Does she have tour shirts like she did for last years tour?

  22. I got black T with JLP cover on it. There was at least another one with ‘you know how the catholic girls can be’

  23. I did London show in June ( also 2008 and 2012). She’s a goddess ❤️

  24. NZ has some pretty horrific rental properties too — with the extraordinary amounts of rainfall and resulting humidity, timber being the building material of choice, building code completely unsuitable for the climate (poor insulation and ventilation), and lack of regulation compounding the problem.

  25. Shit, been there, done that. Ex owner of one NZ leaky house here…. What a fucking nightmare this was.

  26. I’ve finished Cannery row in March. Loved it so much.

  27. Watched from S1 E1. As a Londoner and one time resident of SW6, I was intrigued by this strange breed of wealthy kids not doing much with their lives. Was addicted right away!

  28. Funny enough, the UK is where I flew to. I will he back, never thought I'd state the I was going to the UK for a better life (the weather is shite) but the mind set is great! You Brits take less shit than us.

  29. Never enough Kiwis on these shores, come and join us ( kiwi family in London).

  30. Unjabbed household here, living in London, working with public and travelling on public transport daily. I had C in November 2020. Spouse and child still nothing.

  31. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede. I saw so many girls talking about how it was such a holy grail and to me it just smells too mature. The perfect perfume for my mom, but definitely not something I thought women in their 20’s would be obsessing over.

  32. I’ve been 8 times in the last 20 years. Most visits were package resort stays, 3 visits were guided tours. Covered Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Sharm, Hurghada etc on my travels. I’ve always traveled with my husband and felt safe. The most annoying part was the constant hustle from the sellers, but that’s how they make living so can’t blame them.

  33. Her style is always “I paid more for my boobs than my outfit so look at them instead”

  34. This 🤣. Great bod but her dresses look incredibly cheap. Every single time.

  35. Me too! Just wiped at the end of the day. Some have told me that it made their depression (I have) worse. I wonder if it's not the depression but rather just an energy level issue. That's what it feels like anyways

  36. I’ll get blasted here, but could it be possibly 5gee, slowing us down, sapping our energy, causing headaches and tiredness….. we don’t know what it does to humans long term as it’s a new technology. I live in a huge city, G masts everywhere. Energy level in me and my partner extremely low. Also hay fever very bad this year in everyone I know.

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