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What famous place is not worth visiting?

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Extreme lockdown measures in China

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  1. Agreed. Very underwhelming, but understandably so. At least you can walk over to the River Walk from there.

  2. 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. Electronic Records. Looking for something like the GAMP® 5 Basic Principles Training Course, but less costly and time consuming.

  3. Full support here, but I am curious... Are the graduate workers getting any reliable legal guidance from the union? We all "know" that federal law grants many rights... Rights that have been disregarded without recourse by many a red state for decades. But in this case, it seems it's been established by legal precedent that these employees aren't covered by the same rights as say, Amazon workers in NY. Is there anything comparable to informed consent going on internally? If there are enough workers striking, they probably won't mass fire out of sheer inconvenience... But they may, to prove a point if the wrong asshole makes the call after being told to by a panel of several other rich assholes.

  4. Fresh out of negotiations here... Give them a larger range (maybe 10-15k) with the low end being a little more than you feel you could accept.

  5. But this would be really unfair to my parents who paid off their 4k tuition when they walked off the graduation stage into their 6 figure jobs, right before they signed their 100k mortgage on their house that is now worth 750k...

  6. Here's the reality - the tax budget won't be reorganized. They'll just add loan forgiveness to the pile.

  7. No its not. There are much better nicer places in Europe.

  8. Not disagreeing, but can you provide a few examples of places you prefer? Been to Prague twice and am trying to plan another European trip to take my wife who has never been and she is set on Prague.

  9. Been to Krakow, it was in one my favorite cities in all my travels. Would love to go back, but probably going to try somewhere new.

  10. Half of my bedroom is held up like this. Totally consistent with modern industry standards.

  11. If you feed your dog processed dog food that has chicken on the label, some of it comes from factories like this.

  12. The first attempt was not a "soft coup", the actual term is autocoup.

  13. There have been autocoups to some extent every year since Nixon, arguably before. The power and reach of the President grows in every term. Which in a day-to-day isn't all that noticeable when you have a sane person at the helm, but makes someone like Trump that much more unsettling. Unsettling with him would be terrifying when competent maliciousness takes the helm. Curtail Presidential power to constitutional levels now and we'll have to worry less about the next Trump.

  14. Glad to know I'm not the only one in the area that purchased a pandora's box strategically-polished turd of a house. Unbelievable what my inspector missed. I'll be thinking of you as I replace the sill plate and rim joist around my sinking bath tub this spring :D

  15. Bought our turd last year, wouldn't be surprised if we all had the same inspector.

  16. I travel almost weekly for work and I pay upfront for hotels and meals and then am reimbursed by my company at the end of the week. I'm trying to maximize my financial benefit since they are essentially paying my card off monthly for me. I already have the freedom unlimited card. Would you recommend this card over my preferred hotel's card offerings? The issue being I don't need to redeem free nights, etc. because the stays aren't paid for by me anyway.

  17. We have to start somewhere of course, but I've always been inclined to think 3 on 4 off is ideal, if the labor itself is even necessary to society. The majority of your days should be yours to pursue the things that make life actually worth living.

  18. This would have worked 20 years ago, easy. Now... it would work only in some places.

  19. Yeah, this meets the unethical requirement, but not the "pro" aspect this decade. Not that it couldn't work a few times on the right professors. User discretion advised.

  20. Yeah, it's unethical, but it's also not pro. This may work on your boomer professors, but we were doing this shit in 2009 and now plenty of us are your professors. You could maybe buy yourself an hour on the first try, just because they don't feel like dealing with pointing out how obviously full of shit you are. Find a modern plausible deniability "glitch" to exploit.

  21. Obv fake. I mean who is filming? That's probably a deer farm.

  22. That deer is running as far as she feels is safe, as soon as she catches this guy's scent from hundreds of yards away, if she's wild. Real hunting is hard.

  23. So we are just copying a previous time tok shot for shot for karma now... Coooool

  24. These people walk around the world and touch everything. That always occurs to me when I'm driving down the road, picking my nose or rubbing my eyes.

  25. Blyd says:

    Adderal’s chemical name is Methylphenidate, the same substance as Ritalin. It’s a derivative of Meth.

  26. Blyd says:

    ‘Derivative’ is a hard word I understand.

  27. Nope, I live in the area and drove through today. Mostly a bowhunter, but would like to get involved in the coming years. Well done!

  28. Not sure, but the blades look rounded on the tips. Guessing it's also soft wood. But it would still hurt.

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